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NARS Matte Multiple Review, Swatches and Photos Part II

April 1st, 2014

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More on the new NARS Matte Multiple, a multi-purpose makeup stick that can be used on the lips and cheeks with a matte finish.

NARS Siam, Exumas, Anguilla and Laos Matte Multiples

NARS Siam, Exumas, Anguilla and Laos Matte Multiples

Like the original Multiple, the Matte Multiple comes in a portable black tube with a twist-up design. Although the tube looks just a bit thinner, you only get 0.26 oz of product, which is half as much as the 0.50 oz with the original.

The formula is also different. Unlike the original which can be used on the eye, cheek, lip and body, the Matte Multiple is only meant for the cheek and lip. It can be used dry for more intensity or wet for a sheerer effect. A great way to create dimension as suggested by NARS, is to use it wet over the high points of the cheek for a sheer veil of color, then dry underneath the cheekbone.

Color selection wise, there are a total of 7 that ranged from pinks and corals to bronzes. I had reviewed the bronzer shades in my last post so here are the remaining 4.

* Anguilla is a light baby pink with yellow undertones and the lightest color in the whole collection.
* Exumas is an orangy apricot.
* Siam is a super bright cool-toned poppy red. It looked really intense in the tube but blended to a softer red that created the perfect flush for my skintone.
* Laos is a rose coral that looks like cherry Chapstick.

The colors were all very wearable and doubled nicely as both blush and lip colors on my NC30 skintone. But they felt creamy and glided onto my cheeks easily, they were not moisturizing enough for my dry lips and clung onto flakes. The colors were also very pigmented, in fact, more so than some of the regular Multiples. Plus they dried off quickly to a matte finish that stayed on for 8 hours straight.

Overall, NARS Matte Multiple is nice investment that works best as blush and bronzer.

NARS Multiple Bronzer vs Matte Multiple comparison

NARS regular Multiple vs Matte Multiple

NARS Siam, Exumas, Anguilla and Laos Matte Multiples Closeup

NARS Siam Matte Multiple review

NARS Siam Matte Multiple

NARS Exumas Matte Multiple review

NARS Exumas Matte Multiple

NARS Anguilla Matte Multiple review

NARS Anguilla Matte Multiple

NARS Laos Matte Multiple review

NARS Laos Matte Multiple

Swatches of NARS Siam, Exumas, Anguilla and Laos Matte Multiples

Overall Rating:

NARS Matte Multiple is available at for $39.

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Dior Skinflash Primer

March 28th, 2011

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Using primers under our makeup helps to smooth out any imperfections, makes pores disappear and can make your skin look flawless. They also give the extra benefit of not only allowing your foundation to go on more smoothly and thus using less foundation, they also allow your makeup stay in place longer. Primers are also great for women over 40 as they sometimes fill in fine lines and pores.

I always seem to be on the quest for the perfect primer. I love my Dior Crystal Nude Natural Matte Skin Perfector. It’s convenient to use, makes my skin smooth and I especially like it for touch-ups during the day.

But, for my morning routine I have to say I like this Dior SkinFlash Primer better. Why? Several reasons. The applicator is easy with this built-in brush (the tube is much wider than the highlighter pens), this is a creamy-peach color that melds into the skin flawlessly and without color. It doesn’t feel thick like some primers. There is a slight bit of shimmer in this primer, which I hesitate to use the word “shimmer” It’s more of a glow in a tube. It doesn’t leave you all shiny and slick, but instead smooth and glowing and your skin just looks more youthful.

On weekends when I don’t feel like putting any make up but maybe need to look a little more polished, I just swipe this on without putting on foundation. It calms and soothes my complexion as well as giving it that glow. Mornings Skinflash Primer, afternoons Crystal Nude Skin Perfector for touch-ups.

This is available exclusively at Sephora and 


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