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Holiday Beauty and Photography Tips from Jake Bailey

December 7th, 2013

Celebrity Makeup News and Blogs:

Here are a few pointers from Katy Perry‘s makeup artist Jake Bailey, on how to look your absolute best for the holidays!

#1. To apply lotions and liquid makeup to the face, use finger tips. The palms tend to absorb too much product.

#2. Use a full-coverage foundation with multiple benefits in small amounts instead of large amounts of sheer foundation to avoid applying too much product to the face.

My Recommendation: Cle de Peau Silky Cream Foundation

#3. Always match foundation to the decolletage versus the jawline for a more even complexion.

#4. Use the same foundation in a shade lighter for highlighting and to conceal and brighten the undereye area for a seamless texture. Make sure you don’t apply it too close to the lower lashline to avoid making eyes appear puffy.

#5. A dewy look can appear greasy on camera. Powder the center of the face to avoid shininess that the flash accentuates.

#6. Apply blush and bronzer to create dimension and always smile to help focus blush application on the apples of the cheeks.

#7. Apply eyeliner directly into top lash line and mascara starting at the root of the lashes so the eyes pop but don’t look overdone.

#8. For the most complimentary shot, always try and angle chin and cheek towards light source, be it above or off to one side. Some more photography tips here.

#9. Natural, window light is the most desirable for pictures. If you are photographing outdoors, avoid shooting between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to eliminate unflattering shadows.

#10. Hair damage is one of the most obvious imperfections in photographs and the hardest to retouch. Remember to use a deep conditioning treatment prior to your big night.

My recommendation: Joico K-PAK RevitaLuxe Bio Advanced Restorative Treatment

What are some of YOUR tips? See more holiday makeup tips and looks!

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Mad Men Season 5 Makeup Look Breakdowns

March 30th, 2012

Celebrity Makeup News and Blogs:

With the premiere of a new season of Mad Men, Lana Horochowski, Department Head of Makeup for the hit TV show, shares with us a few tips on how to recreate the gorgeous classic ’60s beauty looks of Megan Draper and Joan Harris!

Mad Men Season 5 Makeup Breakdown
“We looked at a lot of ‘60s magazines, and photos from my mother when she was young,” said Horochowski . “Overall, there are definitely a lot of makeup looks this season. It’s a new color palette entirely!”

Megan Draper (played by Jessica Paré)
“The inspiration for Megan Draper drew from a combination of Twiggy and Sophia Loren,” explains Horochowski. “We thought of French and Italian actresses who had iconic looks. Megan is a little more high fashion in her approach to makeup compared to the other girls because she’s a lot younger – their makeup stays pretty consistent.”

Party look: “It was so mod – we used NARS Heart of Glass Eyeshadow, a pale blue shade, not too shimmery, with NARS Thunderball Eyeshadow in the crease, which was drawn in a thick line, smudged slightly, but left heavy enough to be very mod. Like Twiggy. I lined her eyes with NARS Nuits Blanches Eyeliner Stylo. I used NARS Desire Blush on her cheeks, and NARS Belle de Jour Velvet Matte Lip Pencil on her lips.”

Office look: “She’s very basic in the office – very little foundation, a little black eyeliner, and NARS Dolce Vita Velvet Matte Lip Pencil every day. I also love to use NARS Madrague Duo Eyeshadow. In the first scene in the office, she’s wearing NARS Lili Marlene Cream Eyeshadow on the eyelid with Nuits Blanches Eyeliner Stylo applied in a thick black line.”

Joan Harris (played by Christina Hendricks)
“You don’t see her in the office too much in the first episode – she’s at her apartment where she’s not wearing much makeup. Just a swipe of NARS Dolce Vita Blush; and on her lips we like to apply NARS Pop Life Velvet Matte Lip Pencil but blotted down to a stain, or NARS Dolce Vita Velvet Matte Lip Pencil.”

And to keep the actresses’ skin perfect? Lana swears by Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation. “I am obsessed with the Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation. It creates a flawless canvas on all ages and skin types.  I love its durability on set and that after an 18 hour shoot day my actors never complain about their makeup feeling too heavy or cakey.”

Can’t get enough of Mad Men? Remember to check out the Estee Lauder x Mad Men Collection as well!

You can find NARS at and Koh Gen Do at

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How-to: Blushing & Highlighting

January 29th, 2012

Celebrity Makeup News and Blogs:

By Victoria, Theatre Makeup Artist

Victoria is a 19-year old college sophomore who attends school in Massachusetts for Engineering, but she’s an avid Theater Makeup Artist and has worked on a variety of shows, from dance shows (think intense, flamboyant glitter) to periodic musicals. She aims to combine her “nerdy” passions with her artistic ones: to overanalyze the mathematics of reshaping the face, learn the science of why a product works better or worse. She’s a romantic dreamer who enjoys re-imagining herself in a soap opera, pretending one day a prince is going to come riding in on a dragon and take her away. Until then, she’s planning to use her makeup brushes and colors to force her friends to be the stars of her imaginary fairy tale.

How-to: Blushing & Highlighting

As a follow-up to my post on contouring, I wanted to discuss how to finish up your look with blush and highlighter. Blush and highlighter really bring life to the face, giving you that sought-after glow. Highlighter has a secondary benefit of really bringing contrast to the shadows, which brings out more of that lovely bone structure.

When do you need blush, highlight, and contour? For me, the answer to blush is always, but what about contour and highlight? If you’re of a darker skintone, like NC/W 45+, skip the contour and stick only with highlight. Contour colours unfortunately rarely run too dark, and you risk the color looking muddy on the face. On the other hand, if you’re lighter skinned, like NC15 and up, be very careful with balance. A dramatic contour and highlight can really sculpt out your features but beware of the risk of looking skeletal.

What You Need

A good directional brush, with a smaller head, or a head the size of the apple of your cheek. The same brush for contouring works perfectly here, so options like the MAC 165, MAC 109, or e.l.f. Blush Brush work perfectly. As for a brush with the head the size of your apple of your cheek, options like the MAC 119 (for smaller apples) or 120 (for rounder apples) are great.

Your favorite highlighter. For more of a glowy effect, choose shimmery highlighters, like Dior’s Amber Diamond, Elf Studio Shimmer Palette, or MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl/Hush. These will give you beautiful glowy finish and really bring your face to life. For a more of dramatic effect, to contrast with the contour, stick with a matte flesh-toned shade that is a step or two lighter than your natural skintone. For this, I turn to powder foundations, or back to my trusty MAC Shape powders, which contain a hint of shimmer (but not too much!). You can definitely layer a shimmer powder over a matte lighter powder, but for natural looks I would avoid this, as it tends to read a bit ashy.

What shades should you choose for highlighter? For a natural highlight, its important to match your undertone with the product. Warmer beauties will find products with a golden or yellow undertone to be really flattering, like Dior Amber Diamond, NARS Albatross, or MAC CCB in Hush. Cooler beauties will find pinker or even lavender toned highlights work great. Look for products like Dior Rose Diamond, NARS Miss Liberty, or MAC CCB in Pearl.

Your favorite blusher. If you’re going with a shimmery highlighter, avoid a blush with too much pearl or frost unless you want to compete with a Twilight vampire for attention!

If we refer back to my original diagram for contouring, it makes finding blusher and highlighter placement is easy!  I like to highlight after contouring; generally, highlighting anywhere where you didn’t contour will help deepen the shadows.

Make a line parallel to the contour line on the top of your cheekbone, and along that line is where the highlight should go. Placing the highlight closer towards your ears will widen your face. Highlighting closer to the apple of the cheek will cause the apples to appear rounder. Whatever you choose, the length of your highlight line should not exceed the length of your contour line; stop highlighting wherever your contour stops.  Then, highlight under the browbone to make the browbone pop, and extend out that highlight to join with your cheekbone highlight. This will help deepen and define the socket, as well as define your cheekbones.

Applying blush last will help to gently blend everything together, but don’t overdo it or else your lines will become muddy and unclear! Blush placement helps reinforce highlighter placement, so apply your blush along a parallel line in between the contour and highlight lines. Don’t smile and apply blush! On many face shapes, this will actually cause the blush placement to be too low. Instead, get some extra lift by applying blush higher along that line. However, if you have a wider face, or you want to soften the cheekbones, apply blush lower along the line, as it will give you an instantly slimmer face.

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Holiday Beauty Gift Guide – All Things Pretty

December 17th, 2011

Celebrity Makeup News and Blogs:

The last holiday beauty gift guide is all things beauty.  I’ve broken it down into a few categories and it starts with makeup products.  I’ve been speaking for several weeks about holiday beauty, but these are ones I haven’t gotten to till now.

With a variety of prices, looking gorgeous was never so easy.

For luxury, the Guerlain Vol de Nuit Powder is the ultimate way to shine and shimmer.   You may think it is a perfume, and although it is scented with Guerlain Vol de Nuit scent, it is a shimmery powder that you can give your body that sexy glow.  $87

Julep The Girlfriend’s Essential Nail Vernis Gift Set includes the two most popular Julep shades in Jennifer and Catherine along with the Essential Cuticle Oil.  $28

Laura Mercier Twilight Nail Lacquer – Step away from the traditional red with the deep violet shimmery shade.  Fun and quickly becoming a classic all in one.  $18

Put all your makeup in one place with Tarte Puttin’ on the Glitz Clutch and Color Collection.  This cute silver clutch contains beauty to go on the inside.  Three interchangeable color palettes with a mirror and pockets for credit cards and a spot for the gloss and you are sure to look beautiful all night.   The palettes range from sultry, sophisticated and earthy. $48

Mark Glitz & Gloss Mini Purse and Go  $14 gets you this cute little holiday-inspired clutch with 4 mini lip glosses.  From clear to deep tones there is a lip gloss in there to fit every beauty look.

Head-to-Toe-Skintastic!  Getting your skin and hair prepped before putting on makeup and going out is top priority.  Here are some of my favorites for the holidays.

Votre Vu It Kit is $86, but has $143 worth of product inside.  Included is the delicious SnapDragon Beauty Beverage full of goodness and tasty too (wonderful if you have a winter cold too), the Duette hand lotion and lip balm in one – brilliant idea and the Tout le Monde eye gelée for those party-tired eyes, and its all encased in a tote.

Venus Embrace Girl to Goddess Essential Kit comes in a fun printed zip bag and includes a Venus razor, shaving cream and Secret deodorant.  Now those are essentials every girl can use for less than $15.

A perfect stocking stuffer is the holiday-exclusive Shiseido Honey Cake bars of soap.  At only $7.50 each these are a cult classic since 1956!  The French-milled soaps with honey give you silky-soft skin.  They are available in either the red or green package.

Becca & Mars Winter Ginger 2-Piece Hand Candy Sugar Scrub Set.  Keep your hands in tip-top shape with Winter Night and Lemon Ginger Hand Candies scrubs.  Believe me, your hands will thank you.

What can I say, I love, love, love the Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare line and especially the Cleanse & Polish Hot Cleanser. This comes in a holiday limited edition size for $32.50 and includes a must-have muslin cloth.

Who doesn’t carry a L’Occitane hand cream in their handbag?  Really?  You don’t?  Well, you should.  And with this Hand Cream Bouquet gift set of 6 scented hand creams, you can give one or two as stocking stuffers and keep the rest to yourself.   Your desk drawer or handbag will never be without again.  $50

During the holiday season all the busy parties, shopping and extra things we do can take a toll on the skin.   Be sure to give your face a mask treatment, and this award winning Guinot Hydra Sensitive Face Mask is just the ticket.  Protect your skin from winter’s irritations and stress factors of the season with vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil, chamomile extract, oak and Epaline and Centella extract protect and replenish your skin.  $39 available at spas and online.

Hair needs some extra lovin’ this season too and Leonor Greyl has this hair set for $107.25 (25% off).  It includes a nourishing shampoo, a conditioning treatment scented with Indian Jasmine Flower and silicone free anti-frizz styling cream.  Made with natural ingredients that your hair will love.

Hydra Mar is an anti-aging and antioxidant line of body products that are paraben-free and enriched with vitamins, and sea minerals. There is a body scrub, body wash and body lotion that will leave your skin feeling silky from head to toe and smelling fresh and lovely too.

Kate Somerville Glow in the New Year kit for $95 includes my favorite face exfoliant – ExfoliKate and Tanning Towelettes.  Your skin will look fresh and healthy when attending all those holiday parties.


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Too Faced Holiday 2011 Collection

September 1st, 2011

Celebrity Makeup News and Blogs:

Too Faced Holiday 2011 Collection also has an early preview of Too Faced’s holiday offerings–they’re not yet available for purchase, but at least we know what’s coming! (Thanks to Lisa for the tip!)

Sweet Dreams Makeup Collection ($52.00) (Sephora Exclusive) (Limited Edition)

This dreamy set features 15 pigment-drenched ethereal shadows, a full-size Shadow Insurance primer for crease-proof, long-wearing benefits, two beautiful blushes, a sunny bronzer, and a warm, golden highlighter for the flawless complexion. Thanks to Too Faced, dreams really do come true. 15 x 0.03 oz Eye Shadows in The Buff, Peach Fuzz, Copper Peony, Teddy Bear, Lovey Dovey, Satin Sheets, Cut The Cake, Party Girl, Nice Ash, Smolder, Honeymoon, Label Whore, Nice Stems!, Cap A Teal, First Dance, 0.14 oz Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, 0.14 oz Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder, 2 x 0.08 oz Blush in Cocoa Rose, Sweet Pink, 0.35 oz Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer, Signature step-by-step instruction cards

In Your Dreams Makeup Collection ($39.00) (Limited Edition)

This playful palette offers nine eye shadows, three blushes, and three lip shades that can be combined to create three distinct looks: “Natural Beauty,” “Feminine Flirty,” or “Seductively Smokey.” Featured step-by-step face charts make application fun and simple. 9 x 0.03 oz Eye Shadows in Silk Stockings, La Cage, Rapture, Pink Peacock, Swing, Fishnet, Full Moon, Dream On, Seduce, 3 x 0.15 oz Blush in Wanna Play?, Girly Show, You Hold The Key, 3 x 0.02 oz Lip Gloss in Give It Up, Pink Ice, Heart On

Beautiful Dreamer Makeup Collection ($46.00) (Limited Edition)

This six-piece set features two limited-edition mirrored compacts, Shadow Insurance Candlelight for crease-proof, fade-proof intense color pay-off with a subtle warm shimmer, a full-size Lashgasm mascara, and a full-size lip gloss in a sexy, crystal pink, all packaged in a pretty pink bag fit for a princess. 0.26 oz Sun Bunny Bronzing Powder & Who’s Your Poppy Blush Duo, 0.35 oz Eye Shadow Collection in Teddy Bear, Blonde Ambition, Totally Toasted, Satin Sheets, 0.17 oz Shadow Insurance in Candlelight, 0.56 oz Pink Swan Lip Gloss, 0.4 oz Lashgasm Mascara, Pink Zip Cosmetic Case

Glamour to Go Dream Edition ($22.00) (Limited Edition)

This feminine, vintage-inspired palette holds eight versatile eye shadows in the top compartment, and one silky, shiny lip gloss, a bestselling bronzer, and soft, sheer blush in the slide-out drawer below.

availability: Holiday 2011

See more photos!

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