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MAC Autumn/Winter 2014 Runway Trend Report

August 20th, 2014

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For Autumn/Winter 2014, makeup has become something of a beautiful paradox: it’s about artistry to achieve something that looks essentially un-cosmetic (thanks to ever more sophisticated and subtle makeup formulations and applications). Masking and morphing feels irrelevant this season; a quiet alchemy of product and technique that nonchalantly amplifies what is unique in the face is the new stealth wealth of makeup. “The new luxury is in individuality,” confirms Gordon Espinet.

There is a confident subtlety in all these beauty directions. “There is no absolute formula to how makeup has to look to appear modern now,” says Lyne Desnoyers. “There is a freedom to experiment and a confidence to break away from conventional means of constructing beauty.” Hence nuances of texture (transparent lightness is more important than heavy opacity this season), combined with unpredictable colors (“off” colour is distinctly “on” trend) and non-prescriptive placements form the new technical vocabulary that makes these trends look distinctly fresh and “now”.

Trend #1: Streamlined
Eyes are indisputably the feature to focus on for the season ahead; framed with an architectural liner, these eyes add a strength to the face that sits somewhere between glamour and grunge (but, vitally, looks like neither of the two). “Tomboy” and “tough around the eyes” were common descriptors of these lean, horizontally focused shapes: complemented by similarly present brows, they lend a beautiful edge to the face that is not anything angry or extravagant. Liner now is an ornament, but not an excessive one. What breathes new life into liner for AW14 is as much to do with the entire treatment of the face as the eyes in isolation. Nothing in the métier of these faces feels labored.

Trend #2: Off Color
A drab-inflected palette is being used in a beautifully paradoxical manner this season: grungy color that creates the effect of luminosity and life in the face. These decayed shades prove that color absolutely does not have to correct or complement in order to be beautiful. Their inherent grey-ness and extreme transparency takes them away from looking like evident pigments; they add mood, not makeup, to the face.

Trend #3: On Reflection
Just as textural contrasts informed the fashion collections, reflective accents are a dominant beauty refrain for AW14. Punctuations of shine against matte provide an endless repertoire of plays on light, from neutral metallics (predominantly gold with forays into copper, pewter and silver) through to literal gloss. So whilst reflection this season is not about conceptual minimalism, it is a designed minimalism: thoughtfully applied with consideration on specific placement and weight of shine (from sheer balm to high vinyl), this is a luxurious, but not glamorous, approach to shaping the face.

Trend #4: Unprocessed
How about we don’t talk about “natural” makeup any more? Let’s call it “real” instead. Because that’s what a barer-faced look is really speaking about now. The individual. Applying the tag “natural makeup” to any face created in a palette of skin-akin tones is an outmoded concept; “real” is not 3D-perfect skin that has had all the contours and highlights artificially added back in. Yes, all makeup is, by definition, not natural, but minimal makeup in AW14 is about the purely democratic idea of accentuating reality, of reveling in normality. Neither masculine, nor flirtatiously pretty, neither glam, nor grunge. This is, quite simply, how a strong, self-assured, cool, relevant woman today probably wants to look: like she has not tried too hard.

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Holiday Beauty Gift Guide – All Things Pretty

December 17th, 2011

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The last holiday beauty gift guide is all things beauty.  I’ve broken it down into a few categories and it starts with makeup products.  I’ve been speaking for several weeks about holiday beauty, but these are ones I haven’t gotten to till now.

With a variety of prices, looking gorgeous was never so easy.

For luxury, the Guerlain Vol de Nuit Powder is the ultimate way to shine and shimmer.   You may think it is a perfume, and although it is scented with Guerlain Vol de Nuit scent, it is a shimmery powder that you can give your body that sexy glow.  $87

Julep The Girlfriend’s Essential Nail Vernis Gift Set includes the two most popular Julep shades in Jennifer and Catherine along with the Essential Cuticle Oil.  $28

Laura Mercier Twilight Nail Lacquer – Step away from the traditional red with the deep violet shimmery shade.  Fun and quickly becoming a classic all in one.  $18

Put all your makeup in one place with Tarte Puttin’ on the Glitz Clutch and Color Collection.  This cute silver clutch contains beauty to go on the inside.  Three interchangeable color palettes with a mirror and pockets for credit cards and a spot for the gloss and you are sure to look beautiful all night.   The palettes range from sultry, sophisticated and earthy. $48

Mark Glitz & Gloss Mini Purse and Go  $14 gets you this cute little holiday-inspired clutch with 4 mini lip glosses.  From clear to deep tones there is a lip gloss in there to fit every beauty look.

Head-to-Toe-Skintastic!  Getting your skin and hair prepped before putting on makeup and going out is top priority.  Here are some of my favorites for the holidays.

Votre Vu It Kit is $86, but has $143 worth of product inside.  Included is the delicious SnapDragon Beauty Beverage full of goodness and tasty too (wonderful if you have a winter cold too), the Duette hand lotion and lip balm in one – brilliant idea and the Tout le Monde eye gelée for those party-tired eyes, and its all encased in a tote.

Venus Embrace Girl to Goddess Essential Kit comes in a fun printed zip bag and includes a Venus razor, shaving cream and Secret deodorant.  Now those are essentials every girl can use for less than $15.

A perfect stocking stuffer is the holiday-exclusive Shiseido Honey Cake bars of soap.  At only $7.50 each these are a cult classic since 1956!  The French-milled soaps with honey give you silky-soft skin.  They are available in either the red or green package.

Becca & Mars Winter Ginger 2-Piece Hand Candy Sugar Scrub Set.  Keep your hands in tip-top shape with Winter Night and Lemon Ginger Hand Candies scrubs.  Believe me, your hands will thank you.

What can I say, I love, love, love the Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare line and especially the Cleanse & Polish Hot Cleanser. This comes in a holiday limited edition size for $32.50 and includes a must-have muslin cloth.

Who doesn’t carry a L’Occitane hand cream in their handbag?  Really?  You don’t?  Well, you should.  And with this Hand Cream Bouquet gift set of 6 scented hand creams, you can give one or two as stocking stuffers and keep the rest to yourself.   Your desk drawer or handbag will never be without again.  $50

During the holiday season all the busy parties, shopping and extra things we do can take a toll on the skin.   Be sure to give your face a mask treatment, and this award winning Guinot Hydra Sensitive Face Mask is just the ticket.  Protect your skin from winter’s irritations and stress factors of the season with vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil, chamomile extract, oak and Epaline and Centella extract protect and replenish your skin.  $39 available at spas and online.

Hair needs some extra lovin’ this season too and Leonor Greyl has this hair set for $107.25 (25% off).  It includes a nourishing shampoo, a conditioning treatment scented with Indian Jasmine Flower and silicone free anti-frizz styling cream.  Made with natural ingredients that your hair will love.

Hydra Mar is an anti-aging and antioxidant line of body products that are paraben-free and enriched with vitamins, and sea minerals. There is a body scrub, body wash and body lotion that will leave your skin feeling silky from head to toe and smelling fresh and lovely too.

Kate Somerville Glow in the New Year kit for $95 includes my favorite face exfoliant – ExfoliKate and Tanning Towelettes.  Your skin will look fresh and healthy when attending all those holiday parties.


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7 Best Looks from Our Favorite Holiday Movies

November 16th, 2011

Celebrity Makeup News and Blogs:

Planning on wearing that safe smoky eye and your go-to updo again? Read on for fun (and easy) ideas from our all-time fave holiday flicks. ‘Tis the season for tinsel — and Tinseltown-inspired beauty. Of course, celebrity hairstyles and makeup are in style every season — but the end of the year provides plenty of opportunities to channel our inner (and outer) starlets and really glam things up.

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How I’m Wearing Fall’s Makeup Trends

September 14th, 2011

Celebrity Makeup News and Blogs:

Tips for making this season’s rich colors and textures easier to wear. Fall catalogs have been piling up on my coffee table for a couple of weeks now, which means that not only is a new season upon us, but that I’ll be broke before I know it. The good news is that while I have a weakness for over-spending to build my wardrobe, I won’t have to drop much cash on makeup this season. Why? Returning trends! If you already have shimmering shadows, black eyeliner and blue nail polish in your arsenal, you’re almost fully stocked.

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7 Hottest Fall Makeup Trends

August 25th, 2011

Celebrity Makeup News and Blogs:

With this roadmap, there’s no need to buy that 10-pound “Vogue” to see the newest fall makeup trends. Here’s how to translate your favorite runway looks to real life. The signs of the new season are here. Leaves crunch beneath your gray wool booties and Starbucks is offering their seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte again. But you’re not here to chitchat about the romantic elements of the season, are you? We didn’t think so. So let’s get to the stuff that we really care about right now — like the burnt orange and electric blue colors that are popping up in eyeshadow palettes, the wine-stained lips we’re seeing in fashion mags, and the revved-up cat eye that has us purring for the how-to’s already.

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