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Runway Beauty: Embellished Eyes at Rodarte A/W 2015

February 24th, 2015

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To create the idea of a delicate, refined beauty, models were given a soft, embellished eye and shiny, wavy locks at Rodarte A/W 2015.

Makeup: James Kaliardos for NARS Cosmetics
Hair: Odile Gilbert for John Frieda

After prepping skin with NARSskin Luminous Moisture Cream and NARSskin Total Replenishing Eye Cream, Kaliardos applied All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation and Radiant Creamy Concealer for a flawless canvas. He added a radiant glow on the cheeks with Tribulation Blush (available Fall 2015) and the left side of the upcoming Dual-Intensity Blush in Fervor.

On the eyes, he used a shimmering beachy bronze color (the right side of Dual-Intensity Blush in in Craving) on the lid, Rue Bonaparte Larger than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner on the waterline and coated lashes with Audacious Mascara. Then, he placed strips of 10 tiny Swarovski crystals crystals on the lower lashline for extra depth and shine.

To finish, he toned down the lips’ natural color with Radiant Creamy Concealer and topped with Chelsea Girls Lip Gloss.

Hair-wise, it was all about incredible shine and movement. Depending on the hair’s natural texture, Gilbert applied either Frizz Ease Beyond Smooth Frizz Immunity Primer or Frizz Ease Dream Curls Air-Dry Waves Styling Foam to wet hair. Next, she blow dried the hair while combing through with fingers and sprayed Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray, working in with hands while diffusing. Once all the hair was dry, she took random pieces and curled them using a 1.5 inch curling iron, leaving the roots and ends untouched. As a finishing touch, she sprayed Frizz Ease KeraFLEX Hairspray to hold the style and brushed through with a natural bristle brush.


Images: Courtesy of NARS Cosmetics.

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Runway Makeup: Barely-There Beauty at Jason Wu A/W 2015

February 16th, 2015

Celebrity Makeup News and Blogs:

At Jason Wu A/W 2015, the look was all about barely-there beauty with a hint of neutrals on the eyes and soft, natural waves.

Jason Wu A/W 2015 runway beauty
Lead artist Diane Kendal gave skin a bare matte finish with Lancome Advanced Genifique Youth Activity Serum and Nude Miracle Liquid-to-Power Makeup. She slightly defined the cheeks with Solaire Star Bronzer and the eyes with Fresh Face and Barely There from the upcoming Jason Wu for Lancome Multi-Palette and added Grandiose Mascara on curled lashes. She finished the look with Lancome L’Absolu Rouge in Delicate Lace.

On the nails, manicurist Deborah Lippmann created a modern nude look with Lancome Vernis in Love in Beige Romance.

Hair-wise, Odile Gilbert working for Kérastase Paris created a sexy, natural look with no volume at the crown. Starting with wet hair, Gilbert applied Kérastase Spray à Porter Buildable Texture Spray from roots to ends and blow dried with a diffuser, using fingers to enhance natural texture without adding volume at the roots. She parted hair in the middle and used a curling iron to create waves in the mid-lengths of the hair, leaving the ends straight. Next, she applied Kérastase V.I.P. Dry Volumizing and Texturizing Spray for texture and ran fingers through the waves to create a natural look before finishing with Kérastase Laque Dentelle Flexible Hold Hairspray.

Soft wavy hair at Jason Wu A/W 2015
Jason Wu A/W 2015 Lancome Multi-palette

Images: Courtesy of Kerastase and Lancome.

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Can gene therapy diagnose your anti-aging needs? Episode 62

February 8th, 2015

Celebrity Makeup News and Blogs:

In this Christmas Eve eve episode Perry and I talk about several new anti-aging trends and technologies. Plus a special prison-themed edition of Improbable Products!

Show notes

Improbable Products

I read an article about fake makeup in prison which inspired me to create an Improbable Products game – you have to guess which of these is not a real fake up recipe for prison cosmetics? In other words, two of these are real prison DIY recipes and one is made up. You have to guess which is the fake fakeup.

  1. Dissolve the candy-coated shells from M&Ms in hot water to make your own lip stain.
  2. Blend cigarette ashes with a touch of pocket lint to create a lash thickening mascara.
  3. Pour leftover coffee into your skin lotion to make your own foundation. Use just enough coffee to match your skin tone.

Listen to the show for the answer!

Beauty Science News

Is free range snail slime the next anti-aging breakthrough?
Perry waxes poetic about Dr. Organics anti-aging snail slime. There’s something for everyone in this product: It’s by a doctor. It’s organic. It has  high tech and natural ingredients. Plus – it was discovered by snail farmers in Chile. (Although Perry claims he thought of using snail slime as a hair shine ingredient back in the 1990s.)

Pro-aging is the new anti-aging
According to DataMonitor the new trend is showing off your real age. In fact, according to their research, age is “perceived as another step for women’s liberation.” This pro-aging movement wants to remove all anti-aging claims because they’re not against aging they’re FOR looking healthy and being honest. What does this really mean? I think it just means that marketers will weasel word their way around conventional claims. For example, instead of saying that their product “covers wrinkles” they’ll say it improves skin quality. Or it “moisturizers and protects” or improves “skin’s comfort.” Despite what the pro-aging movement may say, the underlying biology that needs to be addressed to make skin look better hasn’t changed.

Can gene therapy diagnose your anti-aging needs?
The Pampered Prince blog reports on GENEU technology that uses a “DNA microchip” to create custom anti aging products. For about $900 you can get an analysis of a DNA swab from your cheek which is used to create 2 weeks worth of a special serum made just for you.  For all this you get a 33% reduction in wrinkles (which is a common claim promised by much cheaper products.) The technology is really interesting but we doubt this really results in improved anti-aging products. Perry says you’d be better off saving your money for Botox.

Anti-aging breakthrough from wound care
A biotech company called NAYAderm is adapting a wound healing drug for use as an injectable anti-aging treatment. The product, ND-101, has a plumping effect on skin which makes it appear smoother. Currently you can get a similar effect with laser treatments but these are pretty uncomfortable because they burn the skin – when the skin heals it looks more youthful. Alternatively, you can get an injection of Botox which freezes muscles or a filler like Restylane which artificially plumps skin. The problem is that these aren’t very natural looking and they can be painful. ND-101 doesn’t have those negative side effects. If you could get a simple shot to look younger, would you?

Selling cosmetic safety is effective.
The company Beauty Counter is selling a lot of products by promoting that they only use safe ingredients. We find this troubling because cosmetics (with a few exceptions) ARE already safe. They have a “never” list of ingredients they’ll never use. Although they claim to put education first they’re not really transparent in how they choose to formulate their products. For example, they only point out the negative data about parabens when the current scientific consensus is that parabens ARE SAFE.  Are they misrepresenting information just to drive to their sales? This strategy will be a problem in Europe where “free from” claims are not allowed.

Would you give up your deodorant stick for a new spray?
Are you ready for the antiperspirant/deodorant (APD) market to be revolutionized? Apparently, that’s what Unilever is doing with a new line of Dry Spray APDs. You’ll see these in Dove, Axe, and Degree. Sprays were popular in 60’s and 70’s until concerns about the safety of some ingredients (like hexachlorophene) and environmental impact of others (like CFCs) essentially caused them to disappear. But new technology uses VOC compliant formulas with no water or alcohol so they’re very dry and not sticky. Surprisingly, sprays are the dominant form globally with over 60% of the market in EU and Latam. and their Dry Spray is already the #1 selling APD globally. Will it catch on in the US?

Has the Lumbersexual man replaced the metrosexual?
Move over smooth shaven Metrosexual Man – the new trend is for bearded guys.  According to DataMonitor, products for facial hair are on the rise. They report that in the top markets for men’s products (US, UK, Canada, Germany and Spain) the number of beard and mustache products have more than tripled.

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Buy your copy of  It’s OK to Have Lead in Your Lipstick to learn more about:

      • Clever lies that the beauty companies tell you.
      • The straight scoop of which beauty myths are true and which are just urban legends.
      • Which ingredients are really scary and which ones are just scaremongering by the media to incite an irrational fear of chemicals.
      • How to tell the difference between the products that are really green and the ones that are just trying to get more of your hard earned money by labeling them “natural” or “organic.

Click here for all the The Beauty Brains podcasts.

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MAC Autumn/Winter 2014 Runway Trend Report

August 20th, 2014

Celebrity Makeup News and Blogs:

For Autumn/Winter 2014, makeup has become something of a beautiful paradox: it’s about artistry to achieve something that looks essentially un-cosmetic (thanks to ever more sophisticated and subtle makeup formulations and applications). Masking and morphing feels irrelevant this season; a quiet alchemy of product and technique that nonchalantly amplifies what is unique in the face is the new stealth wealth of makeup. “The new luxury is in individuality,” confirms Gordon Espinet.

There is a confident subtlety in all these beauty directions. “There is no absolute formula to how makeup has to look to appear modern now,” says Lyne Desnoyers. “There is a freedom to experiment and a confidence to break away from conventional means of constructing beauty.” Hence nuances of texture (transparent lightness is more important than heavy opacity this season), combined with unpredictable colors (“off” colour is distinctly “on” trend) and non-prescriptive placements form the new technical vocabulary that makes these trends look distinctly fresh and “now”.

Trend #1: Streamlined
Eyes are indisputably the feature to focus on for the season ahead; framed with an architectural liner, these eyes add a strength to the face that sits somewhere between glamour and grunge (but, vitally, looks like neither of the two). “Tomboy” and “tough around the eyes” were common descriptors of these lean, horizontally focused shapes: complemented by similarly present brows, they lend a beautiful edge to the face that is not anything angry or extravagant. Liner now is an ornament, but not an excessive one. What breathes new life into liner for AW14 is as much to do with the entire treatment of the face as the eyes in isolation. Nothing in the métier of these faces feels labored.

Trend #2: Off Color
A drab-inflected palette is being used in a beautifully paradoxical manner this season: grungy color that creates the effect of luminosity and life in the face. These decayed shades prove that color absolutely does not have to correct or complement in order to be beautiful. Their inherent grey-ness and extreme transparency takes them away from looking like evident pigments; they add mood, not makeup, to the face.

Trend #3: On Reflection
Just as textural contrasts informed the fashion collections, reflective accents are a dominant beauty refrain for AW14. Punctuations of shine against matte provide an endless repertoire of plays on light, from neutral metallics (predominantly gold with forays into copper, pewter and silver) through to literal gloss. So whilst reflection this season is not about conceptual minimalism, it is a designed minimalism: thoughtfully applied with consideration on specific placement and weight of shine (from sheer balm to high vinyl), this is a luxurious, but not glamorous, approach to shaping the face.

Trend #4: Unprocessed
How about we don’t talk about “natural” makeup any more? Let’s call it “real” instead. Because that’s what a barer-faced look is really speaking about now. The individual. Applying the tag “natural makeup” to any face created in a palette of skin-akin tones is an outmoded concept; “real” is not 3D-perfect skin that has had all the contours and highlights artificially added back in. Yes, all makeup is, by definition, not natural, but minimal makeup in AW14 is about the purely democratic idea of accentuating reality, of reveling in normality. Neither masculine, nor flirtatiously pretty, neither glam, nor grunge. This is, quite simply, how a strong, self-assured, cool, relevant woman today probably wants to look: like she has not tried too hard.

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Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50/PA+++ Foundation Review, Swatches and Photos

July 11th, 2014

Celebrity Makeup News and Blogs:

Per a reader’s recommendation, I decided to try out Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50/PA+++, one of the most popular air cushion foundations from Korea.

Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion Foundation SPF 50+ PA+++ review

Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion Foundation SPF 50+ PA+++

Like the IOPE Air Cushion XP SPF50+/PA+++ Foundation I loved, the Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50/PA+++ Foundation came in a portable white compact about 2.75 inches in diameter and 1.25 inches thick. Flip open the lid and you have a mirror on top and a bottom part that is split into two compartments – an upper one for storing a puff applicator and a lower one that holds a sponge (or “cushion”) soaked in a super runny foundation. To apply the foundation, you press the puff applicator into the cushion then pat directly onto skin.

The 5-in-1 formula contains:

* White Plus Renew Complex (Bead Tree extract, Korean thistle and Natto), the major ingredient of Laneige White Plus Renew, for bright and clear skin.
* SPF 50+/PA+++ to block out UVA and UVB rays.
* Soothing ingredients and cooling sensation that lowers skin temperature by 3 degrees Celsius to perk up tired skin.
* Elastic cushion powder against sweat and sebum for long-lasting wear.
* Spherical powder to control oil and prevent excess shine.

The foundation applied smoothly with ease and did not feel as moisturizing as the IOPE. The finish, though less dewy, was skin-like nonetheless. There was also a pretty strong scent, which you pretty much can’t avoid with Korean makeup and skincare products.

Color selection wise, it was better than IOPE. There are 4 shades to choose from – #13 True Beige, #21 Natural Beige, #23 Sand Beige and #31 Brown Beige – which all run darker and warmer. On my NC30 skin, I use #C23 Cover Beige for the IOPE and was able to get away with #21 Natural Beige for the Laneige.

As for the coverage, it was on the lighter side. A few dabs evened out my skin nicely but I definitely need concealer over problem areas. And while the foundation did wear well on my dehydrated combo skin, there was shine on my T-zone after 5-6 hours, which I did not see with the IOPE.

All in all, Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50/PA+++ Foundation was a decent cushion foundation that was easy to use and provided natural, skin-like coverage. But for now, I will stick to IOPE.

Get your Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion Foundation here!

Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion Foundation in 21 Natural Beige

Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion Foundation in 21 Natural Beige

Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion Foundation in 21 Natural Beige swatches

Swatches of Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion Foundation in 21 Natural Beige

Wearing Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion Foundation in 21 Natural Beige

Wearing Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion Foundation in 21 Natural Beige with Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Concealer in 325 Natural Beige under the eyes and around the nose.

Disclosure: The product in this review was purchased by us. It may also contain an affiliate link, which gives us a small commission if you purchase the item. Please see our Disclosure for more information on our posting policy.

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