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Runway Beauty: Smoky Eyes at Just Cavalli A/W 2013

March 2nd, 2013

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A simple yet strong smoky eye with nude lips balanced the bright and vivid tones in the Just Cavalli A/W 2013 collection.

Just Cavalli A/W 2013 runway beauty
Makeup: Benjamin Puckey for MAC Cosmetics

* Face & Body Foundation – blended into hydrated and primed skin to even and tone.
* M·A·C PRO Blot Loose Powder – swept over skin to set and polish skin with a matte finish.
* M·A·C PRO Taupe Powder Blush – lightly shaded under cheekbones to contour.

Brows are filled in to balance and perfect.
* Smolder Eye Kohl – applied through the waterline and both upper and lower lashes for intensity.
* Oil Slick Black from Fall 13 Forecast/Eyes (available A/W 2013) – blended over the eyelid and under eyes, creating a smoky halo around eyes kept really tight and square in shape.
* Oyster from FAll 13 Forecast/Eyes (available A/W 2013) – blended over the browbone to highlight.
* Haute & Naughty Black Mascara – applied through the upper lashes only to define.

* Lip Conditioner – blended into lips to nourish and promote a healthy finish to lips.
* M·A·C PRO Lip Erase – patted into lips to tone down the natural colour for a sheer nude.

Smoky Eyes at Just Cavalli A/W 2013

Images: ImaxTree.

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Runway Beauty: Metallic Eyes and Wine Lips at Derek Lam Fall 2013

February 12th, 2013

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Playing off the inspirational mood board and the textures and colors of the fabrics in the Derek Lam A/W 2013 Collection, Estée Lauder Creative Makeup Director Tom Pecheux and famed manicurist Jin Soon Choi created “a sophisticated, minimal urban hippie”.

Metallic Eyes and Wine Lips at Derek Lam Fall 2013
“The focus is on the eyes and the lips. I placed a highlight of metallic shimmer in the center of the eyelid, to make it appear very flat, like a two-dimensional painting on a canvas. The saturated stain on the lips is very strong and intense – a mix of brown, maroon and burgundy. The skin is very fresh and iridescent, a satin-matte texture,” said Tom.

Makeup: Tom Pecheux for Estée Lauder
Nails: Jin Soon Choi for Estée Lauder

* Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum Infusion
* Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator
* DayWear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme Broad Spectrum SPF 15
* Double Wear Light Stay-in-Place Makeup

* Pure Color Instant Intense EyeShadow Trio in Smoked Chrome – launching August 2013 (Left and Center Shades)
* Pure Color Instant Intense EyeShadow Trio in Steel Lilacs – launching August 2013
(Center Shade)
* Pure Color Instant Intense EyeShadow Trio in Sterling Plums – launching August 2013
(Center Shade)

* Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick in Burnished Bronze – launching August 2013
* Pure Color High Intensity Lip Lacquer in Electric Wine – launching August 2013
* Pure Color Stay-On Shadow Paint in Sinister (Eye products used to create the look on the lips were part of the creative collaboration between professional makeup artist Tom Pecheux and Derek Lam. Estée Lauder does not recommend using products intended for the eyes on the lips.)

* Pure Color Nail Lacquer in So Vain – launching March 2013
* Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Nudité – launching March 2013

Derek Lam Fall 2013 runway makeup and nails

Images: Courtesy of Estee Lauder.

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5 Expert Tips for Prom Makeup

April 8th, 2012

Celebrity Makeup News and Blogs:

By Dustin Hunter, Makeup Artist

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Dustin Hunter has been designing various media since his early teen years. Studying several different art forms, Hunter’s creative background ranges from illustration and photography to fashion and interior design to music production and makeup artistry. He has worked for over a decade as a professional illustrator and his retail interior design concepts have been featured in nation-wide publications, receiving recognition for their uniqueness and creativity.  Check out his blog and YouTube channel!

5 Expert Tips for Prom Makeup

While I don’t do prom looks much anymore, in high school it wasn’t uncommon for me to have an hour or two set aside before each dance for doing my friends’ makeup.  Here are some of the earliest lessons that I learned on my own… all those many, many, many, many, many years ago.

PROM TIP #1: Pick one, lips or eyes?

The simplest way to start your makeup look is to choose an area to focus on: lips or eyes. In beauty makeup, you typically focus on one and downplay the other to create a natural balance. Want to wear a bold and dramatic eye look? Pair it with a muted lip instead of a bold one. Just remember that “muted” doesn’t mean concealer-mouth, land of the dead lips either! Über pale lips can be just as “bold” as bright red ones.

PROM TIP #2: Play up your best features.

If you can’t decide on an area to focus on, think about your favorite features. Every girl I’ve ever known has had a part of their face they love best. Usually, it’s lips or eyes (often we will draw attention to these areas when talking to someone we’re attracted to by placing a pen near the mouth or resting fingertips at the temples, “pointing” at the eyes). If you have an area of your mug that you love most, then choose that as the focal point for your makeup.

PROM TIP #3: Match the frame with the painting, not with the furniture.

Nothing is stopping you from matching your eyeshadow to your dress (lots of women do), but if you find yourself struggling, choose colors that complement your natural coloring (hair, eyes, and skin) instead. It will look more effortlessly flattering. One of MY favorite beauty books is “Color Me Beautiful” by Carole Jackson. It’s an oldie, but believe it or not, still has some solid tips for matching your makeup to your coloring (it’s also a really fun read, especially if you can get your hands on one of the original editions from the 70s)!

PROM TIP #4: What to bring in your purse.

Blot papers instead of powder help keep the shine under control without adding layer upon layer of powder, which will build up and look cakey.  But do bring powder, though, because it is a good idea to use it right before photos are taken, along with lipstick and/or gloss, cream concealer for emergencies, travel-size can of hairspray, breath mints, and make sure something you have has a mirror in it!

PROM TIP #5: Photo time!

Avoid MSF-style, high-shine powders when you’re doing your makeup. A natural glow is good (I LOVE shine on the skin), but if you’re going to have photos taken, you run the risk of looking greasy or sweaty instead of glowing. Matte is always a safer bet for photos (especially conveyor-belt style photography like you’ll find at a dance). Pick your foundation and powder carefully. Products with a SPF rating often use ingredients like titanium dioxide in them that will bounce light back in flash photography, making you appear several shades lighter than you are.

Most of all, remember that being comfortable is one of the most important parts of looking good. If you feel uneasy in bright red lipstick, it will show, and you won’t have a good time. It doesn’t matter what anyone else things as long as you like it! Oh… but also… Don’t dress like a baby hooker! You know who you are. I’ve seen you at the mall on prom night looking like the first 15 minutes of Pretty Woman. It’s not grown-up looking and the rest of us talk about you behind your back. Yes… yes, we do. Have fun!

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Life-Changing Beauty Products from France

January 25th, 2012

Celebrity Makeup News and Blogs:

By Lulle, France, Local Contributor

Lulle was born in France, and she says she came to life so hungry that she was trying to swallow her entire first–and the fondness for food never went away! She wasn’t obsessed with makeup as a teenager or young adult. At 25, she moved to Instanbul, Turkey, where she lived for five years, and this is where the beauty addiction started. When she wandered through duty-free shops while traveling, she discovered a whole new, glamorous world.

Lulle is easy-going, loving, and spontaneous; she loves to enjoy every moment of life. Check out her blog, Beau Miroir!

Life-Changing Beauty Products from France

A few products that changed my life, and the best tip I ever got from my Grandma!

Cicabiafine Crème Hydratante Corporelle Anti-irritations (about €15) doesn’t have sexy packaging or an appealing scent, but believe me, it’s worth a thousand tequila-marshmallow-flavored moisturizers. If your skin is desperately dry in the winter, to the point where it becomes itchy and uncomfortable, this body cream will save your life like it saved mine. It works like magic to relieve extreme dryness and irritation without being too heavy or greasy.  It is unscented, paraben- and coloring-free. Without this Holy Grail, I would have lost my sanity last winter, when the skin on my legs felt like the Siberian desert.

One of the very first pieces of advice I was given at my beauty salon was “Sop using a scrub on your face–it is too harsh–use a gentle granule-free exfoliator instead!”  I wasn’t really convinced, but I bought a tube of Institut Esthederm Osmoclean Crème Douce Désincrustante (around €30) to try it out. I’m glad I trusted my beautician! This gentle purifying cream absorbs impurities and all you have to do is massage it on your face until it thickens and then rinse it. It leaves my skin feeling soft, perfectly clean and refreshed. Since I started using this exfoliator instead of mechanical scrubs, I have noticed that my face looks healthier, clearer, and less oily on the T-zone.  Obviously, aggressive treatments were just harming my skin, which led it to produce more sebum as an attempt to protect itself. This exfoliating cream has been the biggest revelation in my skincare routine since I discovered soap-free cleansers!

Caron is not only one of the greatest Parisian parfumeurs–the brand is also a master in the art of face powder. Their loose powder La Poudre Libre Caron (€44) was formulated in the 1930s, yet it is still the best face powder on the market! The metal box looks luxurious and can easily be manipulated and transported (no mess in your weekend suitcase) thanks to the screw top hidden inside. The powder itself is lightweight, very finely milled, and has a rose scent. What makes it so amazing for me is that it delivers excellent coverage but still looks very natural on my skin. I love the slightly powdery finish that keeps my face looking matte and polished all day long! I wore this powder on my wedding day, and I had a lot of compliments about my flawless, radiant skin. I don’t think I will ever be able to use another loose powder without being disappointed!

When I was a teenager, my grandmother gave me a tip–very simple but extremely efficient and gentle–to exfoliate lips. You want to get rid of dead dry skin and have perfectly soft and smooth lips before you apply your favorite lipstick. All you need is a cotton pad and warm water! Soak your cotton pad in the water for a moment, press it between your fingers to remove excess water, place it between your lips and “bite” for about a minute. The warm wet cotton will soften the dry skin. Then, rub it gently on your lips to remove the dead skin and immediately apply a moisturizing balm. Voila!

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Realistic Runway Beauty from NYFW Spring 2012

September 22nd, 2011

Celebrity Makeup News and Blogs:


Fashion Week just ended in NYC showcasing Spring 2012 looks.   My email has been bombarded with images;  some wild, some that make you think “huh?” and then there are some very wearable looks.   This season there were more subdued makeup looks than I’ve seen in the past few years – a reflection of the economy perhaps?  Designers not willing to take as many risks?  Subdued looks and styles tend to be the norm when the economy is going through a difficult time.   Whatever the case, I saw several looks that I liked and found to be very wearable.

1.  Charlotte Willer for Maybelline created this look for Jen Kao show.  Polished grunge was the inspiration behind the look.  Bright lips and flirty lashes are a contrast to the sleek eyes.

2.  Aaron De Mey for Lancome created this look at L’Wren Scott.   Aaron wanted a “super bronzed” look with bronze lips and chocolate eyes.  Browns, bronzes and golds were used to create smoky eyes and bronzer was used all over the face.

3.  Charlotte Willer for Maybelline created the look for the Bibhu Mohapatra. Charlotte was inspired by the women in Helmut Newton’s iconic photographs.  Instead of a bold eye or lip, everything on the face was left neutral.

4.  Charlotte Willer for Maybelline created this look for L.A.M.B.  This look was inspired from a trip to India.  A dark dramatic lined eye is the focal point – a modern take on kohl.  (As you can tell, the Maybelline looks were some of my favorite!)

5.  Essie was the nail polish of choice at Tory Burch.   Mademoiselle (my personal all-time favorite nail color from Essie) was used to create the soft, classic nail look to complement the floral prints.

6. NARS artists created this metallic smoky eye for Naeem Kahn.  Inspired by Spanish women he gave the models a clean face with bold brows and a smoky eye and nude lips – very wearable.

7.  Gato Zamora for Maybelline created this look for the Custo Barcelona show.  A modern take on natural beauty.  The skin is flawless, almost silicone-like and the brows are bold and lips have a sweet shiny look.

8.  A model in a Naeem Kahn gown.

9.  Dick Page for Shiseido crated this look for the Michael Kors show.  An African safari was the inspiration for this “Out of Africa” look.  Now I want to see the movie again.


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