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Toxic Halloween makeup – should you be afraid?

October 30th, 2013

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In this weeks’s Beauty Brains show we discussed the Huff Po article on toxic makeup. Here’s a transcript (or at least a summary) of the points we covered.

1. “Because of the fact that the cosmetics industry is not regulated by the FDA, there are no laws based on levels that are safe for makeup.”

Truth: Consumer advocacy groups frequently claim that the cosmetic industry is unregulated. This is false. The regulatory framework for the cosmetic industry was set up in 1938 with the passage of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. This created the FDA which is who regulates the cosmetic industry.


2. “Lead is banned from makeup in both Canada and Europe but it’s allowed AT ANY LEVEL in makeup in the U.S.”

Truth: The Cosmetics Directive in the European Union specifically bans lead as an ingredient while in the US lead is NOT included as an approved ingredient in the Cosmetic Dictionary. In other words, lead is not allowed as an ingredient in EITHER country. (The exception in the US is lead acetate which is allowed as a color additive but products containing this ingredient must be clearly with the following warning statement: “CAUTION: Contains lead acetate. For external use only.”)

It’s also true in both the US and EU that cosmetics contain trace amounts of lead – there’s a big difference between adding lead as an ingredient and having trace amounts of lead present as in impurity.


3. “…there are numerous other paths of exposure [to lead] and makeup is a critical one.”

Truth: According to the American Cancer Society, the main routes of exposure to lead are breathing and ingestion. Other than the exception of kohl eye makeup, which is known to contain high amounts of lead (and which is NOT allowed in the US), makeup is not cited as a “critical” concern for lead exposure. If you’re really worried about protecting children from lead then don’t let them eat any candy (which is allowed by the FDA to contain up to 0.5 ppm of lead) or drink tap water (which is allowed by the EPA to contain up to 15 ppb lead.) Since candy and water are directly ingested, the potential for lead exposure is MUCH greater from these sources than from makeup which is poorly absorbed by skin, if at all.


4. “Since we absorb as much as 80 percent of what goes on our skin, the precautionary principal tells us it’s not smart to coat ourselves with things containing lead.”

Truth: In reality our skin is an effective barrier against most materials and very little of what is applied topically actually makes it through the skin into the blood. The notion that 80% of whatever goes on skin is absorbed is not accurate.


5. “Lead in lipstick has been a known issue for years and the FDA continues to do periodic tests which only show more lead in lipstick…”

Truth: Actually last two studies (using the method validated by the FDA) show a consistent amount of lead present in lipstick, not “more” lead. The first study, from 2009 showed an average of 1.07 ppm while the most recent study 2012 showed 1.11 ppm. From a statistical perspective this is not an increase in lead.


The bottom line
Let’s be clear: lead poisoning IS a serious problem. But the amount of lead and other potentially dangerous materials in cosmetics is controlled through a combination of government restrictions and industry self-regulation. Lead is not allowed as an ingredient in the US or the EU but it is allowed in cosmetics at trace levels. These amounts of lead are very low and the amount of that lead that enters our bodies from these products is even less. Therefore the risk of lead poisoning from cosmetics is VERY low. Our kids are exposed to greater amounts of lead from candy and water than from makeup.

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Welcome Temptalia’s Industry Insiders!

October 18th, 2011

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Welcome Temptalia’s Industry Insiders!

We now have a variety of beauty industry insiders contributing monthly to Temptalia, and they’re going to let you in on some of their secrets, favorite products, and give you an insider’s perspective. From cosmetic chemistry to makeup artistry to all things nails, they’re here to help with their expertise!

Angela Umelo, United Kingdom, Cosmetic Chemist | One of the leading brains behind beauty, Angela is an industry-renowned Cosmetic Chemist with over 11 years training and experience in developing cosmetics and toiletries. Having been immersed in the wondrous beauty world from an early age, she was instantly captivated by the rituals, the artistry and the allure. This initial intrigue soon developed into an unequivocal beauty obsession partly fuelled by teenage skin dilemmas but also stemming from a deep seated creativity and desire for self expression.

This was quickly followed by a behind the scenes role in new product development where she formulated make up and skin care for an array of global brands. Still not content with the industry offerings, especially those for women of colour, she still indulges herself with customised formulations to suit her specific beauty needs! Despite her wealth of scientific knowledge Angela takes what she calls a “feelosophical” approach to the industry. So whilst analysing ingredients and technologies, addressing safety fears and generally aiming to reveal the truth she never loses sight of the one essential thing about beauty and that is appreciating how it simply makes you feel! Check out her blog Beauty Feelosophy!

Chantel J, Virginia, Esthetician | Chantel is a licensed esthetician who recently moved to Virginia. She attended University of Utah as a ballet major and earned her esthetics license while living in Washington. She is currently teaching dance and hopes to start a skincare business in her new area. Chantel is results-driven when it comes to the treatments and products she uses on clients and herself. She has worked as an esthetician in spas, salons, and medical spas. She hopes to share her experience and knowledge with others to help make skin care less overwhelming.

Dustin Hunter, Washington, Makeup Artist | Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Dustin Hunter has been designing various media since his early teen years. Studying several different art forms, Hunter’s creative background ranges from illustration and photography to fashion and interior design to music production and makeup artistry. He has worked for over a decade as a professional illustrator and his retail interior design concepts have been featured in nation-wide publications, receiving recognition for their uniqueness and creativity.

An avid musician, songwriter and producer, Hunter’s education in audio production combined with his experience in advertizing have garnered him the opportunities to work as the creative director for an Internet-based radio station, design various radio ad campaigns and produce music for himself and other artists around the country.

As a makeup artist, Dustin Hunter combines his love of music and visual art to construct images of experimental beauty for both stage and photography; creating avant-garde makeup looks for photographers, performers and musicians. Check out his blog and YouTube channel!

Edith (Edie) Bryan, 27, United Kingdom, Nail Care Expert | Edie is 27-years old and hails from the beautiful country that is Wales, in the UK. She’s an esthetician and has been trained in all aspects of beauty, from waxing to skincare, but she specializes in nails. She discovered her talent for nails at 17 and worked as a junior technician. In 2005, she started her own business running a nail salon in her home town. She found creating beautiful nails was the perfect way to combine her natural creativity and her obsession with fashion and beauty into one.

She hopes to develop her own beauty brand, so she is currently studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Management. In her free time, Edie tests out, researches, and reviews beauty products and stays up-to-date on industry-specific training. Check out her blog Touch Beauty and follow her on Twitter!

Kacie, 28, California, Esthetician | Kacie is a 28 year old born and raised California girl. She’s spent her entire life in the San Francisco bay area, save for a one year stint in Los Angeles. After realizing life was too short to spend time doing anything other than what you truly love she enrolled in cosmetology school and found out she had a certain affinity for esthetics. She also plans on returning to college to complete her degree in literature (in no small part to appease her mother).

Her other passion in life is being part of the fight to end breast cancer. After losing her grandmother to complications from breast cancer in 1990 Kacie dreamed of being part of ending the disease. Every year she raises thousands of dollars and walks 60 miles in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure in memory of her grandmother and so one day she can tell her future children that she was a part of creating a world without breast cancer. She is also on a fitness journey to be “hot by 30.” You can go along for the ride at her blog, Project: Hot by 30.

Kathy S., Georgia, Makeup Artist | Kathy was born a long, long time ago in the Sonoma Valley in California but grew up in the South, which is where she resides currently. Her passion for makeup goes back to when she taught her babysitter to curl her eyelashes at the ripe age of six! When Kathy was 13, she received her own makeup set–she says she looked like a cross between Stevie Nicks and Rocky Horror, but “it was the 1970s, so no one noticed.”

Kathy has been doing makeup for personal clients, with some print and promotional work thrown in! Her advice for readers is, “Don’t stop learning; there is always something new and fascinating out there–go find it! If you have an idea, share it! Life is short, have fun!”  (The photo included is of Kathy’s work!)

Nita J., 27, Virginia, Makeup Artist | Marnita Joy Wiggins, also known as Nita J., has been a part of the makeup, beauty and fashion world for over seven years. She began her career as a freelance makeup artist and beauty consultant in 2002. Since then, she has participated in numerous fashion shows, photo shoots, and has even worked with VH1 reality TV personalities and recording artist.

Just as an artist’s paintings are dear to him or her, so are Nita J’s many clients and their finished looks after a beauty session. Nita J is a Beauty Educator and Product Trainer for Steelo Cosmetics and founder, creative director and editor in chief of GlamFetish Magazine. She is also a member of the Paint and Powder Pro Team headed by Emmy Award winning makeup artist Susanne Patterson

Nita J is a strong advocate that true beauty lives in each and every individual. To her, makeup just enhances beauty and should never be used to mask the beauty that a person was born with. With her knowledge of makeup, cosmetic brands, marketing and the beauty industry, Nita J hopes to contribute as much as she can and instill in the minds of others that confidence and true beauty is soul-deep. You can check out her portfolio and her blog!

Sarah Cormier, Ohio, Makeup Artist | Sarah Cormier is a self-taught makeup artist in Cincinnati, OH. She mostly does wedding makeup but also has experience working on various photo shoots, fashion shows, and films. In addition, she is a freelance artist for her favorite line, MAC!

When she isn’t busy with makeup, she teaches Spinning classes at her local gym, and also attends Body Pump, Pole Fitness, and Cardio Kickboxing classes. Her other hobby is shopping, favorite stores are Nordstrom, the MAC store, Lucky Brand, and White House Black Market. Sarah is happily married to her wonderful husband of two years, Nate. Check out her blog, Sarah C. Makeup and

Victoria Sun, 19, Massachusetts, Theatre Makeup | Victoria is a 19-year old college sophomore who attends school in Massachusetts for Engineering, but she’s an avid Theater Makeup Artist and has worked on a variety of shows, from dance shows (think intense, flamboyant glitter) to periodic musicals. She aims to combine her “nerdy” passions with her artistic ones: to overanalyze the mathematics of reshaping the face, learn the science of why a product works better or worse.

She’s a romantic dreamer who enjoys re-imagining herself in a soap opera, pretending one day a prince is going to come riding in on a dragon and take her away. Until then, she’s planning to use her makeup brushes and colors to force her friends to be the stars of her imaginary fairytale. You can follow her on Twitter!

Let’s get a little more personal with our industry insiders!

Q&A with Angela

  1. Where did your passion for beauty come from? I have been inspired by my Mothers rich African culture. I also have a sister who is a make up artist and a sister who is a model. I always had that yearning desire to want to be grown up just like them! Also I suffered from acne as a teenager so was desperate to find a cure or least cover it up!
  2. How has your perspective changed since becoming an industry insider? I still love cosmetics just as much as before from the visuals, packaging and the experience of trying out new things. But I know that looking after skin need not cost too much as price really does not mean performance necessarily. However I can also see more clearly how truly powerful the marketing machine can be in getting people to buy into concepts and also I know to beware of the beauty blagger (especially those trying to sell you something!). There are many “experts” who actually offer bad advice and perpetuate common misconceptions about beauty products.
  3. What is your industry? How did you get started? I am a Cosmetic Scientist. I started by studying science Chemistry, Biology and Physics then went on to study Cosmetic Science at University.
  4. What can we find you doing in your free time? I play guitar, go to gigs, and seek out new music. I also do voluntary work mentoring young people.
  5. Who makes up your family? Any pets? I have two sisters and one brother–no pets yet, but I want to get a Pomeranian puppy soon!
  6. What’s your favorite quote? The love of beauty is taste; the creation of beauty is art.
  7. What’s your favorite color? Blue – there isn’t another colour under the sun has so many hues for so many moods.
  8. What’s in your makeup bag? Right now, I have pre-branded samples of products from the lab which includes foundation, liquid concealer, primer, blusher and loose and pressed powder. Plus branded stuff: 3 mascaras (Max Factor False Lash Effect, Dior Show and Benefit There Real), Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lipgloss, Suquu Lipstick, Laura Mercier Camouflage Concealer, MAC Studio Fix Concealer and a tube of Lanolips – yes, my make-up bag is pretty big (and heavy!).

Q&A with Chantel

  1. Where did your passion for beauty come from? My passion for beauty started when my mom allowed me to start wearing mascara. I was amazed at what a difference it made! I started to notice women’s makeup in movies and on television and became intrigued in the behind the scenes beauty of those flawless faces. After becoming an esthetician, my passion grew as I had opportunities to help women enhance their natural beauty and increase their confidence!
  2. How has your perspective changed since becoming an industry insider? Before becoming an esthetician, I used to focus primarily on the cosmetic appearance of the skin. I now have a new appreciation for preventative care and the overall health of the skin. Of course, proper skin care certainly helps the cosmetic appearance too!
  3. What is your industry? How did you get started? I am a Licensed Esthetician. I’ve always been a skincare enthusiast, spending hours reading up on different products and treatments for the skin, and trying product after product. When my husband and I moved to Washington State 2 years ago, I was finally able to attend esthetics school and become a licensed esthetician. It was one of the best experiences of my life and gave me a great foundation to cultivate my passion!
  4. What can we find you doing in your free time? My very favorite thing to do in my free time is cuddle up with my dogs and husband! My hobbies include health and fitness, and learning new vegetarian and vegan recipes. I also have a passion for dance, specifically ballet.
  5. Who makes up your family? Any pets?My husband’s name is Jared and we have two dogs, Dolce and Gabe. I also have a great family back home in Utah, 3 brothers and 2 sisters! I have two maltipoo dogs, Dolce and Gabbana (Gabe for short). They are both boys and are very, very spoiled with love!
  6. What’s your favorite quote? “Happiness is the secret to all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without happiness.” — Christian Dior
  7. What’s your favorite color? Pink.
  8. What’s in your makeup bag?In case of a quick touch up I usually carry something along the lines of concealer, mascara, blush, powder, and lip balm.

Q&A with Dustin

  1. Where did your passion for beauty come from? My passion for makeup started at a very young age. I must have been in Kindergarten the first time I saw Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. After the video there was an interview with Rick Baker talking about how he got started in special effect makeup and showing some of the work he had done. I loved the idea of makeup as a means of transformation; turning something ordinary into something extraordinary.
  2. How has your perspective changed since becoming an industry insider? My relationship with makeup (experience and education) has built up so slowly over a period of so many years that it’s hard to say how my perspective has changed because I can’t remember what it was like that long ago! Just like with anything else in life: the more you know, the more tools you have in your toolbox, the bigger and better things you can create. I still get excited about new products and brands so my passion for makeup hasn’t died down with time and experience.
  3. What is your industry? How did you get started? I got started doing beauty makeup in high school; doing friends’ makeup looks on photo day, school dances and costume/theme parties or events. I remember in art class, taking my water colors and painting on friends instead of paper (I got sent out into the hall for that one). I hear a lot of makeup artists talk about how they landed in this spot by accident and I think the same is true for me. I’m a graphic artist first and foremost; a visual artist. I illustrate and create characters and images using traditional art tools. Makeup art is a way to take those two-dimensional drawings and turn them into something that can get up and walk around the room.
  4. What can we find you doing in your free time? I’m still a professional illustrator and graphic artist. I’m also a recording musician with a background in audio production. If you don’t count making videos for my YouTube channel, I would say that I spend most of my free time writing and recording new music. I enjoy the “conception” part of the creative process the most.
  5. Who makes up your family? Any pets? I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and still live here. My family is small. I’m an only child and was raised by my mom and step-dad. I met Jay (who I still just refer to as simply “Jay” because he’s not my husband, we aren’t in business so I hate to say “partner,” but after 10 years “boyfriend” doesn’t really cut it) in 2000-something something and we live in a house surrounded by trees with two large dogs. Paolo, who definitely has some kind of hound in him (he looks like Santa’s Little Helper from the Simpsons) was our first dog. Bali (a hundred-pound Doberman mix) came a year or two later. One was from the pound and the other was a rescue dog from an animal hospital. I love the look of some pure bred critters but I’m a firm supporter of animal rescues and shelters.
  6. What’s your favorite quote? Question everything.
  7. What’s your favorite color? My favorite color is orange but in clothing I look best in blacks, pure whites or true reds (my natural complexion is very “Snow White”). When I’m shopping for makeup I can’t seem to pass up a purple or orange lipstick (or blush for that matter) and I adore blue and grey eyeshadows.
  8. What’s in your makeup bag? Jack Black Lip Balm, my own lip plumper, a compact mirror (the new black one by MAC), MAC “Beguile” Brow Set, MAC “Super” Kissable Lipcolour, MAC “Bubble Tea” Plushglass (I also like “Big Baby”), Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat #1 “Luminous Radiance”), Maybelline “Ebony Black” Define-A-Line Eye Liner (it’s like 10 years old I keep it for luck, LOL), and a pocket knife (always be prepared).

Q&A with Edie

  1. Where did your passion for beauty come from? I have always been a very creative, artistic and expressive person, and as a teenager I discovered that make up was a perfect way for me to express my personality. I spent hours creating bold make up looks on myself and my friends, and my obsession with all things beauty began there.
  2. How has your perspective changed since becoming an industry insider? I am still amazed at what a HUGE industry it really is! It is so fast paced. I think that being an ‘industry insider’, rather than a consumer, you can see the huge pressure on consumers to keep up with all the trends and new products. I love to learn about products, but picking the real ‘worth the money’ products, out of all the mega marketing strategies big beauty brands employ, is difficult. I try my best though! I guess I have learnt not to believe the hype.
  3. What is your industry? How did you get started? I am a qualified beautician, but have more training in nail care than anything else. I started training as a nail technician at age 17, after I saw a job advertised at our local salon. I thought it would be perfect for me, as I always enjoyed painting intricate nail art on my own nails.
  4. What can we find you doing in your free time? Well, having a young baby, I have very little free time at the moment! when I do get some downtime, I love to cook and bake cakes. I spend a lot of time reading, researching and writing, and my latest obsession is shopping in charity shops!
  5. Who makes up your family? Any pets? I have two beautiful children, my son Dylan aged 8, and daughter Isabelle who is just 6 months old. My mother adopted (stole) my gorgeous Bengal cat, but I still refer to him as being mine! His name is Tiggy, and he is stunning and totally crazy.
  6. What’s your favorite quote? Believe you can and you’re halfway there.
  7. What’s your favorite color? Okay, if I REALLY have to choose – then I will choose red, because it is the best colour for lipstick.
  8. What’s in your makeup bag? Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Fresco, Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Coromandel, Estee Lauder Artists Eye Pencil in 01, L’Oreal Lash Architect Mascara, a whole load of liquid eye liners, as well as about a million other things!

Q&A with Kacie

  1. Where did your passion for beauty come from? I grew up rough and tumble, climbing trees and getting scrapes. I didn’t want or need to wear a ton of makeup, saving it for special occasions like prom or winter formal. As I got a little older things that hadn’t bothered me before started to. The rosiness in my cheeks gave way to redness and a decade of late nights (studying and partying) coupled with genes made my dark circles go from annoying to embarrassing (to me – I’m sure nobody else cares as much as I do, if at all). My passion for makeup and skincare grew from there.
  2. How has your perspective changed since becoming an industry insider? While I do believe that there is a degree of natural ability in most aspects of beauty I also think it’s important to educate yourself as much as possible. Your professional education should not end the day you graduate from cosmetology school, or the day you get licensed. I have my eye on a half dozen classes in 2012 (waxing, makeup and hair). You say overachiever, I say featured in Allure’s “Best of” issue by 2015.
  3. What is your industry? How did you get started?I am a brand new cosmetologist but I have a special place in my heart for skincare, especially waxing. I don’t know how or why, but I do love removing hair. I could happily do it all day. In 2009 I spent some time soul-searching and decided I wasn’t happy with almost any aspect of my life, so I spent 2010 changing it. I enrolled in cosmetology school, kept my nose to the grindstone and finished with a 97% overall. In addition to waxing I specialize in hair color (particularly corrective color) and have a small bridal makeup business. I am still building up clientele and plan on spending most of 2012 doing more of the same.
  4. What can we find you doing in your free time? A huge chunk of my free time is spent fundraising and training for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure, especially for 6 months of the year. I love to laugh (so much that it’s usually part one of my new year’s resolution every year!) and my family is incredibly important to me. As far as hobbies go, to put it mildly I’m a Halloween enthusiast. Fall is my favorite time of year and there may or may not be upwards of 20 pumpkins lit up in our yard from September 15 to November 1 (mostly artificial). I’m also newly addicted to Zumba and I love to sew.
  5. Who makes up your family? Any pets? I am constantly in awe of my parents. My dad is hard-nosed and stubborn but also the hardest working man I’ve ever known and THE constant in my life. I am freakishly linked to my mother. She represents everything I aspire to be and a few things that drive me crazy. I have an older sister who is also in the beauty industry and a fantastically supportive boyfriend. I have a couple of cats who seem to be perfectly happy to eat and sleep and occasionally do something mind-blowingly cute.
  6. What’s your favorite quote? “Humankind. Be both.” I have no idea who to attribute this to, nor does Google.
  7. What’s your favorite color? I used to be one of those “no favorite color” kind of people but since getting so involved with Susan G. Komen I have been so connected to the color pink that I now associate it with all of the best aspects of my life.
  8. What’s in your makeup bag?The always in my bag staples: moisturizer, Garnier Skin renew anti-dark circle eye roller, Smashbox green primer, Stila perfect & correct foundation, MAC in well-dressed blush, MAC MSFN, UDPP, a few neutral shadows, black liquid liner, mascara, bold lipstick. Everything else rotates in and out.

Q&A with Kathy

  1. Where did your passion for beauty come from? I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t fascinated by the beauty industry, especially makeup. At 6 years old, I showed my babysitter how to curl her eyelashes, so it’s a life-long passion. The thing that most fascinates me about it is its transformative power; I’ve seen people who look one way – rather plain and unimpressive – get transformed into someone quite strikingly beautiful. When all it takes is a few steps and some paint to enhance someone’s features and bring out their beauty, it’s hard not to be at least mildly intrigued. Makeup is the closest thing to real magic that we’ll ever see.
  2. How has your perspective changed since becoming an industry insider? My relationship with the people who sell makeup has changed over the years. I used to be very intimidated by the people at makeup counters, but at the end of the day they’re just selling a product like anyone else. In some stores they need to keep their sales numbers up or they are penalized, so I let them know up front if I need help or if I’m just looking. I do between 2 to 4 hours a night of product research, so I usually know what it is, what it does and why I want it. I can be a bit scatter-brained when I actually get to the store or the counter, though, so I make shopping lists ahead of time. It’s actually a running joke with some of the artists at MAC, because I just give them the list. Everyone knows that I’m a makeup artist, so I don’t get a lot of raised eyebrows when this NC 15 walks up to the counter to buy NC 50 foundation.
  3. What is your industry? How did you get started? I’m a professional makeup artist. I was working in the mall with an amazing woman named Suzanne. She had gone to fashion school and taught me some makeup techniques. Our store was opposite the Merle Norman store and so, because we were obsessed with makeup, we went for makeovers. The staff was actually pretty good and we hit it off and they would pass along new tips and tricks as well. This was the 1980′s and we had a lot of women who would come in because they were going back to work after their children started school. They would come in and look kind of lost, as if they had a goal, but couldn’t quite figure out how to get there. We would put them in outfits from our store and, eventually other stores as well and this was how our wardrobe consulting business started. They would like our makeup and want to know how to get it. At first, we could send them to the counter where we’d learned it, but eventually what we were wearing became this mélange of techniques from various companies, so we would show them. That’s how we became wardrobe consultants and makeup artists.
  4. What can we find you doing in your free time? I’m working on an art fusion project called Pretty Evil and designing the looks takes up a bit of my time. I’ve cut back on getting new clients until the shooting is over. I read pretty extensively, but I work two jobs and have a family, so that’s all that I have time for.
  5. Who makes up your family? Any pets? I live in the metro Atlanta area with my husband and son, a dog and a cat.
  6. What’s your favorite color? Red!
  7. What’s in your makeup bag? I carry an amazing amount of things in my makeup bag. On the unlikely chance that my husband will send the baby to grandma’s for the weekend and whisk me off to Paris, I could get through about a week until I got bored with what’s in there. I have Revlon Colorstay face powder in my shade and translucent one; a sample size of Tarte’s Park Ave. Princess bronzer and their blush in Exposed; a Milani mineral blush in Bellissimo Bronze; MAC’s Warm Soul and an elf blush in Tickled Pink. I have MAC Browset in Girl Boy and some clear mascara for brows; an eyelash curler and a sample size of Tarte’s Lights Camera Lashes mascara; Urban Decay’s eyeliners in Mildew and Baked; Wet n Wild’s icon trio in Knock on Wood and a few miscellaneous shadows in neutral colors; lip pencils by MAC and Rimmel and too many lipsticks and lip glosses. I generally keep some in pinks, peaches, nudes and one lone red just in case. The one lip item that always stays with me is Caqui from MAC’s Blogger’s Obsessions collection. It looks perfect on.

Q&A with Nita J

  1. Where did your passion for beauty come from? I actually remember the day I began my love affair with makeup. I was 15 and my mother got me my first makeup palette and brush set. I literally sat in my room for hours and hours, days and days that Summer, coming up with different makeup looks, teaching myself different techniques of how to apply the products and mastering blending. I became obsessed. My mother created a monster! After that I started reading up on everything that had anything to do with beauty and makeup and collecting lots and lots of makeup. I just loved how the possibilities with makeup were endless and that made me so happy!
  2. How has your perspective changed since becoming an industry insider? Since beginning my journey as a makeup artist, I have learned that the concept of beauty and makeup go much further than just putting on a gloss or touching up mascara. It sometimes creates a sense of pride and confidence in certain individuals that may have not been there before. I love that!
  3. What is your industry? How did you get started I am a professional makeup artist specializing in glamorous and artistic beauty…with an EXTREME obsession with anything pertaining to makeup products. I started off experimenting on friends and family, studying absolutely everything I could about makeup and the business side of things. I started getting hired for weddings and photo shoots and people started to notice my work and recommending me to others. After that, everything just took off from there.
  4. What can we find you doing in your free time? I love thrift store shopping, taking roads trips, listening to live music, poetry, and movie nights with my son.
  5. Who makes up your family? Any pets? I am the oldest of 4 children, i have 2 brothers and1 sister. I have a 5 years old son who is my WORLD. My mommy and daddy still spoil me rotten!
  6. What’s your favorite quote? “Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them.” — David Hume
  7. What’s your favorite color? Indigo!
  8. What’s in your makeup bag? I never leave home without my CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara, L’Oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner, Milani Baked Blushes, Hard Candy Bronzer and Revlon ColorBurst Lip Glosses.

Q&A with Sarah

  1. Where did your passion for beauty come from? I am not really sure, its just always been there. I was always into the performing arts from a very early age. I did children’s theater as a kid, and then show choir and drama in High School. I had to do my own makeup for every single performance. Over the years, I just grew to love makeup more and more.
  2. How has your perspective changed since becoming an industry insider? I definitely think that there are two “versions” of beauty; there’s what I consider to be the real version – everyone’s own unique version of it, and the “societal” version – the perfect skin, perfect eyes, perfect everything that everyone feels they have to strive to be. Of course none of us are “perfect” (as the images that have shaped the societal version are airbrushed and modified), and yet every single face I have ever worked on has something about it that is beautiful. I honestly think every woman is beautiful in her own way.
  3. What is your industry? How did you get started My industry is makeup artistry and after discovering my passion for it early in life, and building my skills, I decided to pursue it as a side gig about 2 years ago. I was hired by MAC Cosmetics as a freelance artist and spent the next year building my business and getting established. I am still on the payroll at MAC, but do a lot of freelance work for photoshoots and fashion shows. I am also currently a member of BRIDEface, a Cincinnati-based team of professional wedding and special event makeup artists.
  4. What can we find you doing in your free time? Makeup artistry is a job for me, but it’s also a hobby! Other hobbies are shopping and working out.
  5. Who makes up your family? Any pets? I am married to a wonderful husband! We have no kids, but we plan to start a family within the next year or so. I also have a sister who is also married and has a 9-month old son. Two adorable cats.
  6. What’s your favorite quote? Laughter is the best cosmetic.
  7. What’s your favorite color? Pink!
  8. What’s in your makeup bag? I have a medium MAC Soft Sac in my purse that contains the following: Aquaphor, whatever lipstick/liner of the day, MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Powder, mirror, tweezers, a few hair clips and rubber bands, tube of drugstore concealer (for emergencies!), bottle of contact lens re-wetting drops, Listerine oral care sheets, and nail clippers. You would think a makeup artist would have more makeup in the makeup bag, but I don’t like to schlep a bunch of stuff all over the place so I just keep the essentials on hand for touch ups.

Q&A with Victoria

  1. Where did your passion for beauty come from? My passion for beauty came initially from my own personal insecurities. I used makeup to cover acne and make myself feel better. Soon, however, I grew to just love it! It’s so much fun to play with colour and texture and use it to change the body into however you want.
  2. How has your perspective changed since becoming an industry insider? My perspective on beauty has changed, but I don’t think it’s a consequence of the industry so much as it is my own growth and maturity. I love makeup not only for its ability to change the face, but for its ability to give people confidence. Since working in this industry I have met amazing people who defy the idea that makeup is nothing but a mask for one’s insecurities – rather, it is artistic expression, and another way to express oneself.
  3. What is your industry? How did you get started I work and study theater makeup – that is, I help performers get ready for the stage by making them look as close to their character as possible. I started because I was an avid dancer in high school, and I was really fascinated by makeup and how it was able to change the face so dramatically.
  4. What can we find you doing in your free time? I’m lucky that makeup is such a huge hobby of mine – I’m a ridiculous collector. I love collecting limited edition products, especially if they are high quality. I also love to read and write – I adore collective writing, fan fiction, and role playing. I love dance and drama, especially musicals.
  5. Who makes up your family? Any pets? My family currently lives in Southern California, so far away! In addition to my parents I have one older sister. I have two dogs and a cat – my dogs are named Bagel (he’s an adorable beagle) and Dino (a Belgium Shepherd). My cat is Mocha and she’s a vicious one!
  6. What’s your favorite quote? “No I don’t want to battle from beginning to end, I don’t want a cycle of recycled revenge, I don’t want to follow death and all of his friends.” – Coldplay, “Death and All Of His Friends”
  7. What’s your favorite color? Coral!
  8. What’s in your makeup bag? I wear makeup regularly but I try to avoid carrying lots of it with me everywhere. I generally hold onto the lip colour I’m wearing that day and my go-to nude, MAC Mocha. I usually also carry MAC Wonder Woman Lipglass and a Urban Decay 24 Eyeliner in Zero just in case I need to amp up my look for night! I also bring Maybelline Dream Matte Powder and the Ecotools Retractable Kabuki for touchups.

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