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Do you rely on makeup to be more attractive?

March 7th, 2015

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In our podcast Episode 70 we discussed a research study which indicated makeup is not the key to attractiveness. One of our astute listeners, Nadia, pointed out that we neglected to mention other research which came to a much different conclusion. She graciously took the time to summarize these additional studies and, with her permission, I am reprinting her email below. Take it away Nadia…soofi_makeup_by_minelissa_robot-d4b9d49

A lot of blogs and the media, including The Beauty Brains were buzzing about a study in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology that implies women wear too much makeup based on misperceptions. However, it is only one paper right now. That matters because the replication rate in psychology is unknown, and a preliminary estimate is between 33 and 66%. Susannah Locke of Vox also questioned the conclusions and methodology of the QJEP article. The female models were told to do their makeup for a night out, but then photographed in daytime lighting.  It may be true that women would look better to most people if they wore less makeup, but replications and papers that address these limitations are needed to say for sure.

Broadly, several studies have examined how cosmetics affect female facial attractiveness. They demonstrate that women are judged more attractive, on average, when they are wearing cosmetics in photos. A French psychologist with a gift for designing naturalistic experiments has done some related work that shows these effects emerge in behavioral interaction as well. Gueguen and his associates found that female waitresses are tipped more by male customers when wearing makeup. In another study, he looked at how many males approached a female confederate in a bar when she was wearing cosmetics compared to not. She was approached more frequently when she was wearing cosmetics. The weight of the existing evidence is pretty conclusive: cosmetics enhance female facial attractiveness.


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How to Care for Your Sensitive Facial Skin

May 1st, 2013

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Skin woes got you down? Don’t let sensitive facial skin have the upper hand. If you have sensitive facial skin, you know how difficult it is to maintain. Sunscreens can cause an outbreak. Makeup can irritate it. Even sensitive skin treatments can cause bad reactions. But don’t worry just yet, there’s a silver lining out there (hurray!). There are ways to treat and even cure some of your worst sensitive facial skin issues. And to start you off, here are a few tips to help you get beautiful skin gently.

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Olay Facial Hair Removal Duo

October 1st, 2012

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Welcome to Fab Over Forty: Olay Facial Hair Removal Duo

Who knew? I certainly didn’t know that Olay made a facial hair removal kit until one surprisingly showed up at my door.  I confess, I’m a facial hairy beast. It sucks, this much I know for sure. I have tried countless hair removal systems – I seriously refuse to pay to have facial hair removed […]

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BMR Beauty and Facial Toner

June 18th, 2012

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Welcome to Fab Over Forty: BMR Beauty and Facial Toner

Since I haven’t used Botox or any other injectables I find this BMR Facial Toner quite intriguing.  ”The innovative, FDA-cleared BMR Facial Toner uses natural, comfortable stimulation in the form of gentle electrical pulses to help enhance the beauty and youthful appearance of your face” according to the company. I’ve been selected to review the BMR Facial […]

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Makeup Remover Secret: 5 Reasons To Use Baby Wipes!

November 30th, 2011

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Carmen’s question… I realize this is an icky revelation — but I frequently find myself too pooped at the end of the evening to properly wash my face. Sometimes I go to bed with my makeup still on, and I know that’s not good. I’m considering buying face wipes to at least take some of the grunge off before plunging into bed. But what about just using baby wipes? Aren’t they basically the same thing? They’re certainly cheaper!

The Right Brain’s pampered response:
Yes, Carmen, you can use baby wipes to remove makeup. Here are 5 things to think about before you baby your face:

1. Cost

Wow, what a difference! The cost of an average Baby Wipe = 5.5 cents each. Cost of an average Make Up Remover = 33 cents each

(For baby products we used the average cost of Tushies, Huggies, 7th Generation, and Pampers. For facial wipes we used Almay, Neutrogena, Chorane, and Comodynes facial wipes. Anyway you slice it, “baby” is cheaper.)

2. Cleansing ingredients

All the formulas we looked at (both baby and make up) use mild cleansers – nary a sulfate in sight. However, keep in mind that baby wipes are not built to remove the kind of heavy, waxy buildup you get with lipstick or some waterproof mascaras. (Then again, not everyone wears water proof mascara. Just to be safe, if you plan on removing eye make up, you should check with the manufacturer.) Based on looking at the formulas, it appears that the cleansing power varies by brand. Tushies, for example, appears to be very light cleansing.

3. Quality of the cloth

The texture of facial cloths and baby wipes are similar, but you might find the baby wipes are a bit big for facial use. (As with so many things in life, size does matter.) But that’s ok, folding isn’t against the law. Also, depending on the brand, you might find the baby wipes are too wet for your face.

4. Safe for skin

A hallmark of any good make up (or make up remover) is that it’s proven to be noncomedogenic. In other words, it doesn’t cause comedones, or black heads. We’ve never seen a baby wipe that makes this claim but it’s probably not a big deal. Oils are the types of ingredients that usually cause comedones and the baby wipe formulas we looked at don’t seem to contain a lot of those kind of ingredients.

5. Fragrance

If you use baby wipes to clean your face, you’ll probably find yourself smelling like baby lotion. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you’re trying send a subliminal message to your husband/significant other. If you catch our drift. Of course, you can also buy the unscented variety.

If you’re still not convinced you should use baby wipes, you can always buy some Almay Eye Makeup Remover pads here.

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