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MAC PRO Headshot and Audition Makeup Master Class Recap

September 29th, 2014

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Tonight, I attended a new PRO Masterclass by M·A·C Cosmetics, Headshot and Audition Makeup, at the Deer Park location. The class was presented by the very talented and experienced Senior Artist Fatima T, who showed us 3 different demos and tricks on how to do makeup for headshots on both women and men.

MAC Headshot and Audition Makeup Masterclass makeup demonstration
* Headshot makeup is not about transformation but to bring out the unique beauty of the model. Stick to makeup that is classic and avoid trends to avoid looking dated.

* Always moisturize the skin prior to makeup application, even when skin is oily. Fatima likes Lightful Softening Lotion on everyone.

* When doing foundation for photography, remember to put some on the ears and down the neck as well.

* Contouring is very different from bronzing. When contouring, look for shades that are on the cooler side to mimic shadows, which tend to be gray. Bronzing on the other hand, is to “brown” the skin. A few bronzers Fatima likes are Studio Fix in N50 and Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Give Me Sun and Sun Power.

* Steer clear of products with too much shimmer and sparkle as they tend not to photograph well.

* When doing makeup on men, do not highlight too close to the lashline to avoid the “pretty boy” look.

* Instead of using powder to set or touch up makeup, try buffing Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone lightly on the T-zone, around the nostrils and chin. Feel free to leave the eyelids and nose bridge dewy for a more youthful look.

* To counteract the gray/blue undertones found in undereye circles, around the lips or even on mustaches/beards, stick with orange and peach correctors.

MAC Headshot and Audition Makeup Masterclass makeup face chart

And here are some of Fatima’s must-haves:

MAC Senior Artist Fatima T's makeup favorites

Have you ever done makeup for headshots? What are some of YOUR tricks? See more tips by celebrity artist Kathy Aragon!

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Holiday Beauty and Photography Tips from Jake Bailey

December 7th, 2013

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Here are a few pointers from Katy Perry‘s makeup artist Jake Bailey, on how to look your absolute best for the holidays!

#1. To apply lotions and liquid makeup to the face, use finger tips. The palms tend to absorb too much product.

#2. Use a full-coverage foundation with multiple benefits in small amounts instead of large amounts of sheer foundation to avoid applying too much product to the face.

My Recommendation: Cle de Peau Silky Cream Foundation

#3. Always match foundation to the decolletage versus the jawline for a more even complexion.

#4. Use the same foundation in a shade lighter for highlighting and to conceal and brighten the undereye area for a seamless texture. Make sure you don’t apply it too close to the lower lashline to avoid making eyes appear puffy.

#5. A dewy look can appear greasy on camera. Powder the center of the face to avoid shininess that the flash accentuates.

#6. Apply blush and bronzer to create dimension and always smile to help focus blush application on the apples of the cheeks.

#7. Apply eyeliner directly into top lash line and mascara starting at the root of the lashes so the eyes pop but don’t look overdone.

#8. For the most complimentary shot, always try and angle chin and cheek towards light source, be it above or off to one side. Some more photography tips here.

#9. Natural, window light is the most desirable for pictures. If you are photographing outdoors, avoid shooting between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to eliminate unflattering shadows.

#10. Hair damage is one of the most obvious imperfections in photographs and the hardest to retouch. Remember to use a deep conditioning treatment prior to your big night.

My recommendation: Joico K-PAK RevitaLuxe Bio Advanced Restorative Treatment

What are some of YOUR tips? See more holiday makeup tips and looks!

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5 Tips for Reducing Under Eye Puffiness

August 31st, 2010

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Skincare Tips from Renée Rouleau: Tips for Reducing Under Eye Puffiness

Savvy, smart, and always knowledgeable, Renée Rouleau is my go-to for all that is skincare. She’s a celebrity esthetician with her own line (I love her AHA/BHA Cleansing Gel!), and she also regularly updates her blog with skin care tips and tricks.

Go to bed early to avoid yawning. Every time you yawn at night, it increases fluids around the eyes resulting in tears. When you stay up too late and yawn excessively, those fluids increase swelling making you puffy in the morning—no different than if you cried a lot.

Sleep on two pillows. Keep your head elevated by sleeping on two pillows at night to reduce under eye puffiness. This helps to reduce fluid retention in the eye area so you’re less puffy in the morning.

Avoid using rich and greasy eye creams. Many companies formulate eye creams with rich oils to compensate for the lack of oil glands around the eyes. Although this moisture is so needed, the heavy oils can migrate into the eyes while you sleep and cause you puffiness when you wake up in the morning. The solution? Avoid the ingredients mineral oil and petroleum in your eye creams and don’t apply too close to the lower lash line. (Another problem with heavy eye creams containing these ingredients is that the oils can weigh down the delicate skin tissue and over the course of time, can weaken elastin fibers causing premature wrinkles.) All Renée Rouleau eye creams are very hydrating—but not greasy.

Ditch the cucumbers. They don’t contain any miraculous puffiness-reducing properties but they do have a gel-like consistency (from the seeds) making it good for retaining cold temperatures—and it’s the cold that reduces puffiness. Since it’s the cold that reduces puffiness, you can grab anything out of your refrigerator (ice, bag of frozen peas) and it will do the trick—as long as it is held on the area for at least 10 minutes. (Note: The only type of puffiness that can be reduced from cold, is puffiness that is not normally there—like when you wake up in the morning. Unfortunately, there is no cure for chronic puffiness/bags except cosmetic surgery.)

Avoid eating salty foods at night. Avoiding salty foods (especially at night) can definitely help prevent under eye puffiness when you wake in the morning. Excessive sodium causes water retention resulting in excessive swelling of the eye tissue. If you are trying to avoid puffiness of the face (especially before a special event), it’s best to avoid salty foods at night and drink a lot of water to flush your system.

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