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Do I Have to Kill Animals to be a Cosmetic Chemist?

July 1st, 2012

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Britty says…I’m very interested in makeup and I’m a chemistry major so naturally, I’m interested in being a cosmetic chemist but I’m absolutely NOT okay with animal testing. I’m not a vegan but I am a vegetarian and a STRONG supporter of animal rights. I realize this may be a little hypocritical since I USE products that I’m assuming have been tested on animals but I want nothing to do with the actual testing. I don’t want to be the one to test on animals, or be around people testing on animals or even have to pass a room where I know animal testing is going on inside. I also don’t want to meet people whose job it is to test on animals. I realize that some brands don’t test on animals but what are the chances of working for one of those brands? Do I have any other options? Or should I just choose a different career? Thanks!

The Right Brain responds:

The companies that the Beauty Brains have worked for haven’t done animal testing in years, and they’re fairly typical of the industry at large. These days very few  cosmetic brands actually test on animals. Don’t believe us? Alchemist (one of our Forum members) has had similar career experience: “Until recently I worked for a big international manufacturer (in regulatory affairs), in my 11 years there I never saw any animal testing done on cosmetic products, and company policy was that it was not done.”

Also, you have to understand that even when cosmetic companies DO test on animals, they don’t do the testing themselves. They outsource it to companies that specialize in that kind of work. (You certainly don’t want to work for one of THOSE companies.)  So, the chances of you running into an animal tester in the hallway is slim to none.

However the catch, if there is a catch, is the fact that these companies all use ingredients that may have been tested on animals at some time in the past.
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My Make Up Collection – Going Cruelty Free

August 27th, 2010 for more info on UK. Here’s my make up collection, split in to three categories, those companies who don’t test on animals, those I don’t know about or they haven’t replied to my query, and those who do test on animals and should be boycotted! I’ve been using the PETA and BUAV lists which list good companies as ones that do not test their products and ingredients on animals. There’s a big difference between that and just their products! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT and HELPFUL COMMENTS. I’M DEFINITELY NOT AN EXPERT IN THIS AREA, MERELY INTERESTED AND WANT TO FIND OUT THE RIGHT INFORMATION. I REALLY APPRECIATE IT (SO DOES HARVEY!) **UPDATE*** The Beauty Factories cosmetics 120 pro eyeshadow pallette is tested on animals. Revlon have recently been added to my “good” list. Rimmel wrote to me saying that they do not test their products on animals – but some of the ingredients may be tested on animals… so it’s still on my naughty list! Rimmel is part of the Coty group who make most of the “celebrity” perfumes like Kylie’s. BOOTS also doesn’t test their own make up (No 7, natural collection, No 17) on animals, although their packaging gives no information. GOSH COSMETICS also wrote to me, they do not test on animals either. Elizabeth Arden telephoned me to tell me that they do not test their products or ingredients on animals. WHY DO THESE COMPANIES NOT PUT THIS INFO ON THEIR WEBSITES???? WE NEED TO KNOW! Thank you to everyone who has left a comment

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