Is It Safe To Transfer Cosmetics To Another Bottle?

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Blue cat baby  says…Often by the time a skin care product or makeup item has reached its expiration date, I still have a lot left. I’m thinking of putting a portion of such products in another bottle when I open it, and giving that to a friend. Are there any products that I shouldn’t do that with? I wonder about antioxidants which break down when exposed to oxygen.

The Right Brain responds:

You should be able to transfer most products provided you follow these guidelines:

1. Use a clean, dry bottle to reduce the chances of bacterial contamination.

2. Use a bottle of similar material. For example dont transfer perfume from a glass bottle to a plastic one because the solvents in the fragrance may cause the plastic to crack.

3. Only transfer small amounts of products that are light or oxygen sensitive and fill the container as much as possible. Leaving as little headspace as possible will help prevent oxidation.

Does anyone else repackage their products like this? Do you have any tips and tricks? Leave a comment and share your thoughts with the rest of the Beauty Brains community. 

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