Celebrity Inspired Makeup Series : Adriana Lima

August 24th, 2010 by Sarah Leave a reply »

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  1. kah123v says:

    OMG, the green of your eyes is just so cute! and your make up look is gorgeous too. I’m from Brazil and I love u so much! *-*

  2. sexychica272 says:

    beautiful!!! i wish i could do this everyday ): lol

  3. larissinha12345 says:

    I love this look.
    i’m from brazil and i love your videos

  4. cherrychic says:

    Thanks for getting up close it’s easier to see & understand.

  5. ashley says:

    what was the first product dat lets d make up stay for most of the day?

  6. magfilipino09 says:

    u look like topanga from boy meets world! and u look like my english teacher!

  7. rosspendoza says:

    urban decay primer potion

  8. crystalandkeiko says:

    i love adriana lima

  9. game4ever818 says:

    is it only for eye part? or u can put it all over ur face?

  10. XxTEChNOKiWixX says:

    it’s only for the eyes, it’s a small tube.
    but urban decay makes a face primer and mac has one too

  11. JasmineElaine93 says:

    What is the quad called? I really want to buy it, but I didn’t understand clearly what it’s called?xx

  12. hanna says:

    What the hell?! Who comments videos like that?

    You’re a bitch.

  13. fatimahkhanom07 says:

    beautiful eyes!

  14. fromkazan says:

    I really love that look. Bravo!

  15. itsmellyyy says:

    this look is so pretty!

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