Celebrities with(out) make up

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iLife Sound Effects(Apple Inc.) and SONGS(INTERPRET) Behind The Mask: Torn Jeans Short Eva Longoria: Bossa Lounger Medium; Alarm Drew Barrymore: Headspin Short; Suspense Accents 06 Julia Roberts: Half Moon Bay Medium; Cartoon Chipmunk Avril Lavigne: Motocross; GIRLFRIEND(AVRIL…


  1. slayeralicia says:

    Fucking brilliant! Five stars!

    Angelina Always wears makeup..if she dosn’t she is still beautiful!

  2. LaceHearts says:

    I googled Angelina Jolie without makeup. She doesn’t look that bad tbh.

  3. pmvbtful says:

    I am soooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful (:

  4. regmae13 says:

    lmao this is epic 😛 jessica simpson doesn’t look that bad without make up but tyra banks and pamela anderson does 😛

  5. seriousanton says:

    jessica simpson is cool

  6. xXxRaybabeXxX says:

    Avril looks like a FREAK without makeup LMFAO

  7. Stevie says:

    hahahahahahahaha sooo good !!!

  8. Chelsziie says:

    @MimSun I want to know the song also at 1:33!

  9. gerardmccartney100 says:

    jennifer lopez is beatiful with out make up

  10. GigglePoot23 says:


  11. FaerieTude says:

    @Sukiqa hahahaha thats hilarious!!!

  12. MsKerry69 says:

    eva has a tash

  13. JaclynTheGuru says:

    OMG your pretty! you always look great in all your tutorials

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  14. truehardporn says:

    this isn’t a real songs? i’d like to find song playing Julia Roberts, is it possible?

  15. ZzAWESOMEzZ says:

    0:23 raped my eyes !!

  16. bedrock555 says:

    jessica simpson isnt that bad without makeup

  17. lupinebenitabk says:

    Lady Gaga’s rep is dismissing reports that the singer subsists on baby food in order to stay slim – – Naked Lady Gaga. C0000M – –

  18. B5H8 says:

    Dudes chill the song that starts before cameron diaz is from gwen stefani-4 in the morning

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