FRESH SCHOOL MAKEUP look using Stila neutral shades

July 1st, 2010 by Sarah Leave a reply » Hia Everyone, Hope you enjoy my last video of the night. My youtuber request for a fresh school makeup look. Something nice and sweet and not too over the top. I hope you all like 🙂 The products used are: Benefit- lemon aid primer Stila- eye shadow- cloud Stila- shadow pot- honey Stila- convertible eye colour onyx Barry m- Touch of magic lipstick-green Its fab and changes colour to suit your own lips 🙂 Paula dorf- cheek blush- Ballet If you havent subscribed yet then please do for tons more celebrity inspired make up looks,tips & tricks. Zoom zoom!


  1. Anonymous says:

    great job on your videos!
    im glad you made it so far that you get your own place in a makeup store.
    keep up the good work

  2. itszCocoa says:

    ooh dasz kuteee ^__^

  3. DiscreetKitty says:

    I like yer videooos. and you have long pretty eyelashes.

  4. xxautumnmariexx23 says:

    this one is very pretty. I might try it. =]
    Your videos are awesome!! Keep it up!!

  5. xxautumnmariexx23 says:

    Your dog sounds like she has a breathing problem. The short nosed dogs have problems breathing…

  6. cherrychic says:

    can you do a “Birthday look”
    thankyou !!!

  7. monkee426 says:

    what is your favorite look you have done so far?

  8. xxxgracexxx111 says:

    omg i saw u on the paul o grady show good for you !!! keep up the good work

  9. SweetsAdictAnonymous says:

    homgawd, i love her accent xD

  10. BAHMitzABBIE says:

    could u do a look that is good for blue eyes ? 🙂 thanks

  11. prudduck says:

    Im gonna steel your dog!!!!!!
    ps: Not really but he is sooo goood I could eat his face off >:)
    ps even more: Im not really gonna eat his face off but hes really cute!

  12. sfsish says:

    ur dog is soo cutee……
    love ue luk..!!

  13. sslala156 says:

    the fabric of our lives.

  14. SuperBubbles147 says:

    love ur dog

  15. ICantBreathe57 says:

    i luv the lipstick and you should do a lady ga ga look in bad romance

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