Megan Fox “Inspired” Smokey Eye

November 3rd, 2009 by Sarah Leave a reply »

While my interpretation of her look is much darker and somewhat altered, this is the basic evening look that Megan Fox would wear out ,whether it to be a premiere or Hollywood party. I decided to bring the dark crease in a little further than hers, but that is because my lid is quite heavy and I wanted to mimic her eye shape as much as possible. If you want a more exact look, just keep the black I used on the crease closer to the outer corners and don’t extend it as far in as I have in the …


  1. HollywoodNoirMakeup says:

    lol, if I had the money, I would all ready be in London. My boyfriend loved it when he went there. If we ever visit, I’ll be sure to let you know 🙂

  2. HollywoodNoirMakeup says:

    Thanks Gina, you always make my day!

  3. HollywoodNoirMakeup says:

    Aww, thanks!

  4. HollywoodNoirMakeup says:

    Wow, thank you so much. That is very generous to say.

  5. HollywoodNoirMakeup says:

    Sorry, I filmed it the night I got back and I was so tired that I must have forgotten to show it. You can use any browns really, anything that is matte and goes from light to dark. So the shadow closer to the top would be lightest and the crease color would just be like a chocolate brown and black. Hope this helps! Thanks for the compliment.

  6. tortolita07 says:

    So beautiful. Your hair looks lovely btw. =)

  7. HollywoodNoirMakeup says:

    Thanks hun, you’re so sweet!

  8. Jacklynuh says:

    I see soooo manyyyy Megan Fox inspired looks and I can honestly say this look is the best one. I can see her wearing this look, it’s dead on!

  9. steve says:

    Awesome makeup & gorgeous hair!

  10. myqroom says:

    Wow, that looked amazing~ you’re inspiring me to try more dramatic looks, despite my deepset eyes :/ , thanks!

  11. spanisheyes75 says:

    your hair looks always!!I love it! well as the makeup of course!

  12. playmattefatima says:

    wow!!! belive me i see a lots of tutorials inspired in megan fox make up but…wow!!! your tutorial is the best!! of the best realy amazing and the quality is so good!! realy i love this make up one in my favorites!!! xoxo 😀 😀 😀 thank you so much!!!

  13. MACandJUICYluvR says:

    OH MY! I love the look and I’m in love with your hair color. May I ask what color it is?

  14. misskitten166 says:

    this is amazing!!! thanks for sharing =]

  15. KaymmelF says:

    i like your shirt :]

  16. spittingglitter says:

    Your hair is gobsmackingly fantastically amazing!! I am so incredibly jealous xx

  17. steve says:

    Thank you, that is a great compliment. Its always nice to hear that people like what I do, especially when I recreate another persons work. I`m glad I did it justice!

  18. HollywoodNoirMakeup says:

    Aww thank you!!!

  19. HollywoodNoirMakeup says:

    Thank you! You should. I always wished I had deeper set eyes and more of a noticeable crease. I find it can be so much easier to apply makeup with that eye shape sometimes!

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