Rihanna Inspired Look – Barry M Make Up Tutorial

October 1st, 2009 by Sarah Leave a reply »

Daniella uses: Shimmering Eye & Lip Crayon (SEC1) Dazzle Dust Pearly Mauve(DD90) Dazzle Dust Electric Blue (DD22) Kohl Pencil Black (KP1) Black 3 in 1 Mascara (MAS9) Natural Dazzle Compact(NDS) Lip Paint (LP101) Glossy Tube Cady Pink (GT10) Order online at: www.barrym.co.uk


  1. laurab118 says:

    Gorgeous 🙂 Love Barry M, the Eye & Lip Crayon is amazing, really does help the Dazzle Dusts stick 🙂 x x x

  2. laurab118 says:

    What brushes are used please? x x x

  3. ILoveBarryM says:

    Daniella is using a mixture of Barry M bruhses and her own ones

  4. Sirvinya says:

    This one really suits you! Really love the colours in this one.

  5. andrea20k says:

    Your gorgeous, but I wanted to say: First I love Barry M, and I love Barry M tutorials. Suggestions: I cannot really see what your doing, I think you need to zoom in more, so we can see the process up close. I also suggest that you show a bit more personality, act like you love doing it, be more like Lauren. I don’t know if your just taking over till you find a more permenant replacement for Lauren or if you are the new spokesperson, but I think you need to bring a more upbeat perspective.

  6. ohmaynnxtina says:

    does she have her own youtube channel

  7. OliviaCosmetics says:

    i can see the mac 239 mostly :).

  8. Chrystal80 says:

    You say she is using a mixture of her own and Barry M brushes, but all I can see is MAC brushes, which is fine. But on the Barry M website they don’t have any brushes? I think it would be great if Barry M did have their own brushes and made them available to us to buy.

  9. ILoveBarryM says:

    You can buy all our brushes online under the face section.

  10. Chrystal80 says:

    Oh! Sorry. These must be new on the site because the last time I checked I didn’t see any brushes.


  11. kylie4000 says:

    okay 1st of all…

    forget what Andrea20k says… i luv these tutorials nd i cud see evrythin… i saw no problem with this watsoever….

    how do yu use the shimmering eye and lip crayon on your lips? :S

    and do you use one brush for every dazzle dust colour or do yu have a different brush for each colour? :S cuz i always get colour from previous uses showing through :S

  12. lilchia21 says:

    which colour is her nail paints? 🙂

  13. ILoveBarryM says:

    Daniella’s nails are Nail Paint Red Black (NP115)

  14. lilchia21 says:

    the website says that the shipping outside the uk takes 4 weeks.
    i’m from italy. do you know how much have i to wait for?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Why is it when one person has a constructive criticism everyone jumps down their throat. Andrea20K has an opinion as do you, the only difference being that she chose not to complain about someone else’s comments! If people are to improve what they are doing, then they do actually require feedback, good and bad.

  16. Ikirouta says:

    who would want to look like that!?

  17. leon6266 says:

    u look hot n u look familiar

  18. stinakennedy says:

    Will Barry M ever be sold in the states? I am dying to try it, but I don’t want to get colors with out testing or getting samples : (

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