Megan Fox Makeup Tutorial Night look using Beauty Factories Pallette

October 31st, 2009 by Sarah Leave a reply »

My take on Megan Fox’s look for the 2007 MTV movie awards. I was a little tired when recording this so the editing is a little sloppy – sorry! Inspiration pic: Makeup used Revlon Skinlights No7 Mousse foundation Bourgouis bronzer Beauty Factories pallette Bobbi Brown eyeliner gel in black Red lipstick (brand unknown) Loreal lip gloss – Glam Shine in 6H


  1. JoliexLouise says:

    Argh the quality has gone terrible. =(

  2. emjayy says:

    That’s okay. You’re super pretty, and the makeup looks FAB!

  3. cupcake11092 says:

    What color are you in the mousse and liquid foundations?

  4. OHBABAY3 says:

    your very prettyyy!

  5. JoliexLouise says:

    Thankyou! 🙂

  6. JoliexLouise says:

    Aww thanks very much *blush*

  7. JoliexLouise says:

    Thankyou. =)

  8. omgitscrys says:

    you are so much prettier than megan fox!

  9. SilverKitAmaya says:

    Great job on using the makeup, it was very cool to watch you use all of them to blend what happens to be a very seamless look. You are pretty in your own way as well, by the way. That was awesome. ^_^

  10. LoraineElizaSouza says:

    you look like her! are you wearing contacts?

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