TUTORIAL – Lady Gaga Lightning Bolt pink & glittery inspired look – PART TWO

September 23rd, 2009 by Sarah Leave a reply »

Working from this pic- i41.tinypic.com lol sorry for the bad wig! It did my head in! What was used- MAC Rubenesque pain pot Barry M Dazzle Dust number 85 MAC Carbon eyeshadow MAC Penultimate eyeliner pen Revlon 3D Extreme mascara Barry M Super Soft eye pencil MAC Glitter Brilliants Reflects Transparent Teal


  1. FoundOnFilm says:

    Aww thanks hun!

  2. FoundOnFilm says:

    Yayyy! Glad you like it

  3. Stevie says:

    Cheeeers 😀 xx

  4. FoundOnFilm says:

    Thank you so much! xx

  5. FoundOnFilm says:

    Thank yooooooooou

  6. MookeyChick13 says:

    I’m gonna have a go at the eyes. I have the Barry M dazzle dust already (I bought it thinking it was red – oops)

    Fab tutorial x

  7. linkinxlady says:

    this is ace i wud wear this look down town lol the mac glitter is lush think im gunna get that now oh n dunno if u no but tj hughes in sheff has got sum nice playboy make up in xxx

  8. mizzworthy says:

    Great tutorial – love how the glitter looked over the black base! x

  9. DAV1UK says:

    are you going to go out clubbing now? =)

  10. imAfuckinPrincezz says:

    HaHa !
    Me & my friend were dressed up as Lady Gaga before aswell
    But we looked better xD
    & we did the blue lightning bold !

  11. JavaKava88 says:

    Good Luck Taking All That Off! LOL
    may the force be with you 😀

  12. steve says:

    OMG where DID you get those groovy glasses?!! pretty good, I can’t manage it hehe.

  13. xxchiinxx says:

    like it much..!

  14. josierocks101 says:

    i did this same look !!

  15. artistedesmotsx says:

    Your eyes are sooooo beautiful!

  16. simpasca says:

    wow è identiko!! brava. adesso provo a farlo io.. vediamo ke skifezza viene fuori xD

  17. FoundOnFilm says:

    Shut your mouth, bitch. If you’re going to post hater comments at least have the guts to have videos yourself. I know I’m not Lady Gaga. It is blatantly obvious that I’m not. I’m just doing a MAKEUP TUTORIAL. So.. Go fuck yourself. Have a nice day.

  18. mandr1234 says:

    thats good i think you did a good job on that.

  19. fashionfashionsuper says:

    Could you do another thunder bolt make up, like the one in the Poker Face video, the gold thunder bolt. tnx.
    Love the make up tutorial, please do a lot more.

  20. ashmarshall86 says:

    What a horrible little creature you are but im guessing you already know that about yourself and wont be bothered what people say back to you, but what you wish on others may just come back on you!

  21. ashmarshall86 says:

    Dont listen to that knob! loved the look you did a great job 🙂

  22. dydysnow says:

    your a bitch ! chill

  23. jjrRockz says:

    looks pretty good with the sunny nice workk

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