Rihanna’s makeup

September 28th, 2009 by Sarah Leave a reply »

Going to this makeup I didn’t find anything to complicated!!! Maybe you won’t neither!!!


  1. organdie says:

    thanks! :o)))

  2. pelulu84 says:

    i’m glad that you back with your tutorials, good luck with your study!!!

  3. organdie says:

    Thank you, honey!!! I wish you good luck to!!

  4. ipid7798 says:

    your voice is so unique! and the makeup looks great.

  5. Lizzzzzk says:

    u look so much like fran drescher

  6. organdie says:

    May be there is smth similar :))

  7. Lizzzzzk says:

    lol.ur beautiful.doesnt matter who u look like. =D

  8. organdie says:

    thank you! so sweet!

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