Expert Contest Entry: Lady Gaga inspired look: Origami Dress

September 22nd, 2009 by Sarah Leave a reply »

All products used listed and photos on my site:


  1. TheFloridaButterfly says:

    LOVE IT! I hope you win.

  2. couturemusic98 says:

    wooow chica thats fabulous!

  3. wingsofnature101 says:

    WOW, cool =)

  4. VanityDuchess says:

    Your hair is amazing!~

  5. elDesaparecida says:

    I’m jealous of how well your penultimate works, mine doesn’t come out that well, I think I got a dud.

  6. GorgeousGis3ll3 says:

    this look was really cool

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