Celebs with & without makeup

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You will be shoked


  1. koolgals2sorta says:

    wow, that’s shocking.

  2. HIHALAMID says:

    1:02 is weird and so is Tyra and paris and and the rest

  3. ianlondeo says:

    Just got to keep in mind just how long women spend in the bathroom each morning putting on makeup

  4. sarah says:

    Omg , No more to say ….

  5. freemangaz says:

    some of them arnt that bad but some are really shockind.

  6. shocker8548 says:

    I still think Jessica is cute as hell,lol.

  7. Josiquee says:

    okay no you got pictures of them from totaly different time periods. britney was gorgeous back then you got a picture of her in her bad times and you got a teenage pic of lindsay no B

  8. AngelicAcid453 says:

    first of all that pic of Lindsey was when she was still little still a teenages.. b4 wearing make up… goshh a typical guy knows nothing.

  9. TotalDeadEnd says:

    This is so interesting. Don’t forget the lighting, airbrushing and cameras as well. Makeup is only part of it. I’ve always admired Paris Hilton’s flawless skin, but that picture scared me. Why were her chin and cheeks all pink like that? Jessica Simpson almost had a masculine look, and that’s not her natural hair color, either. Hollywood is glamorous and all, but those people are just as human as the rest of us.

  10. TotalDeadEnd says:

    Eva Longoria is still drop dead gorgeous without her makeup, but J Lo looks so ordinary and plain. Seriously, she doesn’t even look like J Lo.

  11. gama2buc says:

    I Think U Got Confused With 1:41

    and i Think Tyra Still Looks Cute With Out Makeup….
    None Wornt 2 Bad…
    Except Madona,Paris,& Pam! i Think Camera Diaz Probally Got Photoshoped To Be Made That Ugly.. Cuz i Dont Think That One is Real Real..Cuz There Just Aint No Was She Could Have That Much Acne and Cover it Up That Damn Way! i Dont Believe it!

  12. 2blakandbold says:

    Why are they playing “you are so beautiful in the background”? Yall are crazy!And do you see a trend with some of these photos?

  13. lawsec says:

    Cathrin Zeta Jones and Victoria Beckham are still gorgeous even without makeup.

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