Celebrities Without MakeUp

September 2nd, 2009 by Sarah Leave a reply »

im not hateing just being real


  1. xxjesca123xx says:

    all Celebrities should wear MakeUp at all times !!!

  2. pinkkitty2255 says:

    yes i think so lol but then again its not good for there skin

  3. lukeytron says:

    Some of them still looked great with it off! Everyone takes bad pictures sometimes. Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie still looked great

  4. Selvokaz says:

    Heather L. Still looked cute, but I agree some of them looked just as bad as others.

  5. koulis3 says:

    jessica alba is still nice without make up

  6. LittleMissPrincess09 says:

    jessica alba and tyra banks still lokk beautiful

  7. GlamourVictim says:

    They are all beautiful, even without make up.

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