Tim Burton’s Alice in wonderland inspired Look ~ Anne Hathaway as The white queen

August 5th, 2009 by Sarah Leave a reply »

Requests: send them to Sharksbites@yahoo.com Follow me on twitter!: twitter.com Products Used: Eyes: Jemma Kidd Pro I-perfector Stila E/S in Espresso MUFE E/S in shimmer beige (ref # is Covered by sticker) Stila E/S pewter MUFE Smokey waterproof Face: MUFE HD foundation in No. 115 Cover girl powder in Buff beige Lips: Maybelene lipstick in Red Revival Stila E/S in Pewter


  1. Ieatsparkle says:

    i love alice in wonderland especially the cheshire cat,,Love the idea of doing all the charcter’s looks,5*.Jazz xx

  2. SharksBiteOfLife says:

    thanks!! i can’t wait to do the mad hatter and queen of hearts but i don’t have the right products here in LA with me! so hopefully i can get to them 2moro nigh!!

  3. goldiestarling says:

    awesomeness! cant wait for this movieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  4. SharksBiteOfLife says:

    me neither!!!! i am sooo excited!

  5. JosefScarletteMUA says:

    This look REALLY reminds me of Madonna back in the 80’s. The mega dark brows were kind of her trademark. lol

  6. Drroxxette says:

    Awesome Job honey! Love that lip color on you!


  7. claire0147 says:

    Beautiful ! Can’t wait for the other looks !
    How was IMATS ? Seems like everybody wanted to buy some MUFE there lol. Is MUFE hard to find in the US ? It’s a french brand so I’m happy I have the Pro Strore here lol.

  8. SharksBiteOfLife says:

    Thanks! you can get basic MUFE products ar any sephora here in the states, some fun lashes their HD stufff, eyeshadow you know, basics but here aren’t any pro so stored to my knowlage which is i think why it was rediculous trying to get stuff at the booth at IMATS cause they sold pro products!

  9. Kirsty2703 says:

    Awesome look!!! I’m really looking forward to seeing this film, and you’re other looks 🙂

  10. SharksBiteOfLife says:

    thanks! meee too! this movies looks amazing!

  11. mya909 says:

    looking forward to see your next looks .. but other then that i think you chould have done better…

  12. sarah says:

    You look pretty but to be honest. I like you with the more dramatic looks 🙂

  13. ci39 says:

    helena botam carter is th ered queen not the queen of hearts

  14. sarah says:

    im sooooooooo sooooo sooooo EXCITED about this movie ilove tim burton i have the nightmare before christmas stuff alll over my room i can tell that this movie is going to be really really good

  15. catskratch2 says:

    I actually really like this look on Anne. It’s striking in the right way.

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