Make Up Tips for a Beyonce Look : Adding Lip Gloss Makeup for a Beyonce Look

August 8th, 2009 by Sarah Leave a reply »

How to add lip gloss for applyingmakeup like the singer Beyonce Knowles; get professional tips and advice on creating various celebrity makeup styles in this free beauty video. Expert: Jenny Karl Bio: Jenny Karl has over eleven years experience working for cosmetics establishments in NY, NJ, PA, and CA. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan


  1. LoKum68 says:

    beautiful eyes.. and eye make up

  2. yournotme0000 says:

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  3. nispero says:

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  4. parttimepapper says:

    it looked way better before the lip gloss. it’s never good to do dark lips with dark eyes. too much going on! she looks like a hooker now.

  5. nasti8587 says:

    beyonce is not white she is clearly all black and the girls looks nothing like her…

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