celebs without makeup! MUST SEE

August 30th, 2009 by Sarah Leave a reply »

celebs without makeup! MUST SEE ok these some pretty strange pics some and pull it off others not so much take a look and just be stunned i do not own theese pics so dont sue ;]


  1. angle1002 says:

    they look terrible without makeup!!!!!

  2. marian808 says:

    og my gosh… it’s amazing how make ups can change someone’s look….

  3. imanne2009 says:

    avril without makeup was still beautiful.

  4. angeleiko25 says:

    yackkkkk!!!if they^re without make up,so very uglyyyyy

  5. ChrissyLovex3 says:

    Kelly Clarckson kind of looks like a guy without makeup…

  6. ladykishnie says:

    avril and keira are still beautiful..cameron fece w/o make up is horrible

  7. RihannFan123321 says:

    I have finally underlined the fact that, MAKEUP WAS THE BEST THING EVER INVENTED.

  8. laineta1 says:

    avirl lavinge looks still good

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