Celebrities without makeup part 1 – Shut Up

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Celebrities actresses without makeup part 1 – Shut Up by Black Eyed Peas


  1. sashina2004 says:

    alicia looks cute anyway.. some real scary hehehe

  2. kvacka says:

    Kate Moss – which one is WITHOUT makeup? =)

  3. AlessandraAmoAmici9 says:

    avril looks cool anyway…hilary too..eva too..halle to…….but the photo of kate was made at the sme time becose look , she has the same t-shirt .

  4. Unseriousness says:

    Eva Mendes looks great without makeup on 🙂

  5. hanson says:

    Penelope Cruz is beautiful without make-up

  6. rienharvey says:

    no1 can beats pinay beauties…
    search for pinay celebrities (with & without make-up) to know wat i min.

  7. MrZarathustra1 says:

    Now, i know why indian peoples said, when brittsih landed in america , they called you PALE, PALE , PALE. Look latina and black celeb, they are the real beautys (see them without make up), not PALE people like those north european dscndnt!

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