Anne Hathaway “OSCARS red carpet” make up inspired tutorial

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Hia everyone, My Vanity Fair article 🙂 yippppeee! My OFFICIAL website My Twitter for daily ramblings http Hope you enjoy the winning look for our red carpet oscars contest. You chose Anne Hathaway as the winning look so I hope I did you all proud. Here is the picture The products used MAC shadestick beige ing Loreal hip eye shadow mischeif Loreal hip platinum Lancome liquid eye liner My own line blush MAC melt down lipstick Thanks …


  1. ashley says:

    who told that you were ugly and fat?!?! you’re so pretty, I like your eyes Lauren!

  2. NikkirZ says:

    When you say that doing the bottom makes it look a little too much, I also think that that’s not exactly the case, but i don’t like it because a lot of the time it reshapes the eye, and not in a good way. For you it doesn’t, but when I do make-up on people with bigger eyes, it always looks sexier when you don’t dot he bottom lashes.

  3. FP238 says:

    God that’s some loud snoring!

  4. MaxineDurchova says:

    3:52, is indeed really pretty. And WHAT horrible skin? Really, woman, your gorgeous!
    Oh, say hello to your sleepy pug back there for me!
    Really gorgeous look, can’t wait for the next one!

  5. hanna says:

    I dont have a crease..( help)
    so my question is what part of my eye should i follow to make me look like i have a crease??

  6. DidilovesJoey8 says:

    Great videos!!:)

  7. mirandarosepetal says:

    You are so amazing. I love when you said “I never said I was a professional” and then smiled. Hahaha. You are so great!

  8. helloviolindonna says:

    you are so pretty! The way you did your crease is awesome! i sometimes tend to make my crease too big but yours was almost like a cat eye. very good work! maybe later i can try to replicate a look like this because it is quite good.

  9. izepath says:

    u look so nice,… really nice person
    🙂 Thanks for this VDO.
    I like it

  10. EmmaCakess14 says:

    You are so nice!!
    I’ve just discovered you, and I love you!
    Total lifesaver!
    I’ll keep posted (: xxx

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